Ghalati depicts how decisions taken in anger change everything

Not only had Hira Mani and Affan Waheed created magic with Do Bol, but their latest visual delight Ghalati is also no less than a treat. From captivating storyline to exceptional acting and influencing dialogues, Ghalati sheds light on one of the major societal issues with outright subtlety. It also highlights women’s empowerment with absolute mastery.

Having started as a happy-go-lucky guy, Saad, played by Affan Waheed transforms into an unreliable person who is often controlled by his mood. He marries his paternal cousin, Zaira, played by Hira Mani in a beauteous ceremony. However, his mother, Zaitoon, played by Saba Hamid tries so hard to weaken Zaira’s morale and courage. Zaira has love on her side which keeps her moving but her husband’s extreme mood swings make her life miserable, so much so that he divorces her twice on different occasions, just because of mere arguments.

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Saad is controlled by his mother, but in various instances, he does think of Zaira and how his mother leaves no stone unturned in humiliating her. After Zaira’s father gets him a good job without even informing, he finally decides to move with Zaira to have a better life. This angered Zaitoon to no limits, and she decides to ruin her own son’s life. Albeit knowing how furious Saad could become when his self-respect is questioned, she still speaks about the role of Zaira’s father in his new job.

As a result, Zaira is forced to go to her parents’ home and her father to the hospital. Coincidently, Maira’s husband sees Zaira and her mother in the hospital and he obviously decides to help. On the other hand, Saad and Maira, out of frustration question their partners of being unfaithful. Maira’s husband asks her to go out if she cannot trust him.

To make things right, Zaitoon and her children plan to try bringing Zaira back but all hell breaks loose when Saad sees her with Maira’s husband again. Upon an argument, Saad divorces Zaira again, which means for the third time, legally and religiously disowning her as wife and vise versa, making the ultimate Ghalati of his life. Zaira’s father succumbs to the tragic news.

The drama took an interesting turn when Sohail’s wife, Shanzay confronted her mother-in-law, showing her the mirror and blaming her for ruining Saad’s life. Saad asks his mother if she is telling the truth and obviously, she had no answer. Shanzay fiercely says “I will not stay quiet, I’m not Zaira,” and unlike Saad, Sohail stands by her side because he knows his mother very well.

Zaira stays at her mother’s house but Saad keeps on bugging her, because apparently he is still in love with her and he will do everything in his power to bring her back, so much so that he lies in front of people claiming he had not divorced Zaira thrice. This brings a new quagmire for Zaira as she has to fight the entire world which is persisting her to go. However, her mother stood like a pillar by her side, refusing to send her back to those cruel people controlled by anger and pessimism.

Upon consistent disturbance, Zaira and her mother take the legal route and Shanzay helps them attain freedom. Zaira’s mother rushes to Saad’s house with the notice from the court that barred him from meeting Zaira. He repents and requests his mother to take him to Zaira for forgiveness. Zaira forgives the person who ruined her life, who took foul decisions triggered by anger and haphazardness, who catalyzed in the demise of her father. However, he passes away in repentance in the Masjid.

With Saad no more, Sohail gone abroad and daughters without a pinch of contentment in their lives, Zaitoon is reaping what she had sowed. She realizes she was wrong all along but will it bring any ray of light to her otherwise dark life?

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