Gigi Hadid Visits Rohingya Refugee Camps In Bangladesh

As Monsoon is just around the corner in the South Asian region comprising India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, a spell of massive rain is expected to hit these countries in the coming days. Bangladesh has an abundance of Rohingya Muslim refugees currently in its suburbs, due to their displacement from Burma. As many as 703,000 children need humanitarian assistance right now, ahead of the devastating Monsoon season. Known for her gorgeous personality and flamboyant sashay, Gigi Hadid is recently in Jamtoli Refugee Camp, Bangladesh, to spend some quality time with Rohingya refugees and to speak to the women present there.

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She has posted a set of photos when she was on her way to the refugee camp.

The prima donna has taken to her Instagram to tell her fans about the refugee camp and the reason she has gone there for. She shares a few photos of Jamtoli Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, along with a selfie with little children of the area, having a veil on her head, looking beautiful with lesser makeup.

Jamtoli Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Population: 45,470 (as of 21 Jun 2018). Across all the camps, 1.3 million people currently require humanitarian assistance, more than half of them are children. From January-July of 2018, UNICEF has enrolled 91,929 refugee children in emergency non-formal education, trained 2,762 teachers to support improved learning for refugee children, provided 146,670 refugee and host community children with psychosocial activities and/or Gender-Based Violence services, & have reached over 900 thousand people with oral cholera vaccines, primary healthcare services in UNICEF-supported facilities, and with the Penta 3 vaccine, protecting against life-threatening illnesses such as diphtheria and pertussis. Link in my bio to learn more ???????? @unicefusa @unicefbangladesh #CHILDRENUPROOTED

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She posts a photo of a women’s education zone in the camp and writes, “Today at one of the ‘Women/Girl Friendly’ zones in the Jamtoli Camp: a safe place for women, young and old, to come learn basic education as well as personal hygiene, skills such as sewing, and also a place where they can share & connect with other women. We spoke about their personal stories & hardships, what they enjoy and benefit from currently in the refugee camps, what they still need, and what they hope for their futures. Their strength, bravery, and desire to learn and better their lives and the lives of their children is inspiring and encourages us to continue to find new ways to support these amazing human beings during this crisis.”

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Apparently, the diva is having a fabulous time with the kids and their families in Bangladesh. Gigi Hadid has made herself all comfy, by playing football and getting engrossed in various activities with the children. She posts a set of photos and videos depicting the amount of fun she is having at the refugee camps.

This morning we visited the @UNICEF Child Friendly Space in Camp 9 of the Kutupalong Balukhali Refugee Camp, which sole purpose is to let kids be kids !!! ???????? As well as psychosocial work to help them get through trauma through activities like art, they also can play sports, learn music, and learn to read & draw (some for the first time in their lives). Separate from educational spaces, the importance of these spaces is huge due to the fact that refugee children can spend a majority of the day working, usually collecting fire wood from miles away so their families can cook, taking care of siblings, helping around the house, etc., and here they can just focus on having fun! ?? Kutupalong Balukhali Population: 626,500. This is the “MegaCamp,” it has 23 of the 32 camps within it. Link in my bio to learn more ???????? @unicefusa @unicefbangladesh

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Gigi puts up photos of a classroom exhibiting books, a blackboard, and the overall learning environment. What a generous human this cutie actually is!

Today we also visited a @UNICEF Learning Center in the Shamlapur Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (Camp Population: 13,050). This is the 7-10 year old class, they are one class of 3 daily shifts (there is also a 4-6 y/o class and a 11-14 y/o class). Here they learn Burmese and English, Mathematics, and Life Skills (exercise, breathing, and self-hygiene), as well as given psychosocial support where they can openly discuss how they are doing emotionally. Their English teacher is a local lady from the host-community in Cox’s Bazar, and their Burmese teacher is a Rohingya refugee, both whom have been recently trained using an Emergency Curriculum developed for this crisis. @unicefbangladesh @unicefusa ?????? #childrenuprooted

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As the response to a question asked by one of her fans, she has taken to her Twitter to tell about where did these refugees come from and why did they leave their hometown.

The starlet keeps posting photos and videos on her Instagram stories, showing the enormous amount of love she possesses for the children.

Staying an absolute adorable human being, Gigi Hadid, has managed to remain one of the most gracious divas of all time. What are your views on this story? Have your say in the comments section below.

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