This scene from Habs has a separate fan base

What do dramas really need to succeed? Amazing story, brilliant actors, and powerful dialogues, right? Would you believe it if we told you, that a drama can give you goosebumps even without dialogues? Such is the case with this week’s aka the 15th episode of Habs.

The scene where Basit returns home, only to find out that his better half and his mother had thrown a birthday surprise birthday party for him, is widely loved by drama aficionados.

He goes towards the cake, and just when he is about to cut it with Ayesha, he sees his mother, and all hell breaks loose. In front of everyone, he relinquishes his angst and decides to take it all out on his mother. The pain and suffering he had had in his heart are coming out of his mouth like he is a flame thrower.

She, in return, does not say a word. Stands silent but her silence is deafening, at least for the millions of viewers. Deeply embarrassed and hurt, she even claps and sings “Happy Birthday” as her son cuts the cake. She walks into her room, shakingly pours water into the glass, and without sipping it, falls down on the bed, only to be shifted to the hospital.

Following the release of the episode, fans took to social media to talk about the absolutely well-directed drama and especially the birthday scene where Feroze and Irsa literally made the audience cry.


ARY Digital

ARY Digital


Directed by immensely talented Musaddiq Malek, who is also playing the character of Basit’s best friend, Fahad, Habs is loved in Pakistan and a lot of other countries for the genuine portrayal of raw emotions, infused in a non-conventional and gripping storyline.

What was your favorite scene from the latest episode of Habs? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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