Fans call this moment from Habs “Scene of the year”

Amid #Habs #FerozeKhan and #UshnaShah usually trending throughout Twitter on Tuesdays, a video is being circulated on social media from the superhit drama serial Habs. The video clip shows, Basit and Ayesha trying to talk about papers the former had prepared for the latter.

As soon as Ayesha hears Basit talk about the papers, she decides to hang up. Basit gathers the courage to call her again and Ayesha gathers the courage to cut the call before he could complete his sentence. The cycle continues until Basit decides to send her a text message instead. He requests her to meet the next day and she replies, “Of course.”

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Directed by Musaddiq Malek with absolute mastery, the scene delineates how both Basit and Ayesha are unaware that they are madly in love and it haunts them to think of losing each other. However, they both are almost ready to relinquish the gorgeous relationship they had had just because they both think the other person does not want to live with them anymore.

With hashtags like Habs, Feroze Khan, and Ushna Shah, Twitterati spoke at length about this particular scene from last night’s double episode. Let’s have a look at a few tweets.

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