Reasons why Hassad’s 12th episode is trending on Youtube

ARY Digital Network has always highlighted real and mainstream issues that are rotting our society for a long time. This is the main reason the channel has proved to be the highest watched Pakistani drama channel time and again. Continuing the legacy of bringing pristine topics for the masses, ARY Digital has transcended the boundaries of spectacular dramas with Hassad.

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Hassad starts off as the story of a family with two married brothers living a happy life with their wives. However, the younger brother, Armaan loves his wife, Naintara much more than his elder brother Farhan. But Farhan’s wife, Zareen is never happy or satisfied with her husband and all his efforts. She is always envious of the relationship between Armaan and Naintara.

Zareen leaves no stones unturned to make Naintara look bad in the eyes of her mother in law. The younger couple gives the good news of their baby to the family but it makes Zareen more jealous of them. She fakes her pregnancy to retain her mother in law and Farhan’s diverted attention.

In a turn of events, Armaan passes away leaving behind the love of his life forever. His sad demise is not less than a curse for Naintara. She faces direct humiliation from Zareen in spite of Farhan’s soft corner. Zareen manages to make her mother in law look towards Naintara with eyes full of hatred.

A woman’s character is the most vulnerable thing in the society we live in, and Hassad represents this horrific issue with absolute subtlety. The cruelty Naintara endures depicts the very tumor that has been eating up our society for a while. She gets blamed and punished for the mistakes she never did, so much so that she is forced to relocate to the home’s annex. Notwithstanding her stay in the annex, she is accused of having a relationship with Zareen’s brother.

On the other hand, her sister and her husband, who live in the UK decide to come to Pakistan so that they could get Naintara married to the person who had given a loan for the business. Sad Naintara agrees to come with her sister to her house for a peaceful life but to her shock, they had brought her a wedding proposal for the person she does not know of.

Farhan comes to her rescue and she willingly goes home with him but Zareen does not welcome her to the house and decides to go to her mother as a protest and accuses her husband of taking Naintara’s side. Farhan and his mother do not only let her go, but they also tell her to be responsible for her actions and their repercussions. While her mother in law is away in the hospital, she also gets sick and Farhan takes her to the doctor but Zareen’s friend who lives in the neighborhood sees it and brings her husband to their residence to complain of Naintara and Farhan’s increasing closeness.

This only makes Farhan’s mother think of getting Naintara married to her son for her secure future but Farhan denies saying, “We are doing the same her sister wanted to do without her consent.”

Hassad has been so intriguing throughout these 12 episodes that its twelfth episode is literally one of the top trending videos on Youtube. The drama is not only captivating, but it also offers unpredictability in every episode that makes it unique and special.

HassadJust like all of you reading this, we are equally excited about how the drama will unfold. What are your views on the story? have your say in the comments’ section below.

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