Here’s how you can make your mug of the viral Dalgona Coffee

Today marks another day of the lockdown government had announced to curb the spread of the pandemic in Pakistan. With almost everyone staying home, Pakistanis are finding different ways to spend their time. One of the many things everyone is doing and uploading on social media is cooking food and making beverages, especially the viral Dalgona coffee.

What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona Coffee was introduced to the world recently when it went viral on social media. The name ‘Dalgona’ originated from a toffee based in South Korea by the same name. It is a sugary toffee having a thick exterior looking like a sponge just like a mug of  Dalgona coffee.


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A cup of Dalgona coffee basically consists of a layer of milk, topped with a dense and think layer of well-beaten coffee foam which is made up of instant coffee, water, sugar and a lot of mixing.

How to make your mug?

All you need to make the viral coffee; five ingredients and two steps. Yes! It certainly is this easy.

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First, take two tablespoons of powdered coffee and put into a container, add two tablespoons of sugar and pour three tablespoons of steaming hot water. Whip all the constituents till the mixture gets evenly frothy and thick.

Once, it becomes beige with the right consistency, pour it into a glass, filled with milk and ice cubes. Tada! The coffee is ready to be served.

Easy, No? All you need to do is adjust the coffee and sugar levels as per your liking.

What if your favorite cafes and coffee places are closed due to the lockdown, you can be a barista yourself. Happy experimenting!

Did you make Dalgona coffee yet? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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