Here’s what people have to say about the ending of Teri Rah Mein

With hundreds of millions of views and impeccable television viewership, the extensively cherished, Teri Rah Mein, ended this Sunday. The finale was an amalgamation of regrets, forgiveness, and ease. Ahmer was forgiven by Emaan, Maha, and other family members but he still did not get away with his actions. He ended up being in a wheelchair due to a very rare injury.

Ahmer not only repented but also chose to ask for forgiveness from Emaan. After looking at his condition and what his mother was going through, Emaan forgave him, asking him to think about the people near him, before taking any step.


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Coming to Maha, she planned on going abroad, out of guilt, but Fakhar, Emaan, and others asked her to stay. Lastly, she got married to Emaan’s brother, Daniyal.

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Soon after the episode premiered on YouTube, abundant drama aficionados expressed their feelings about the ending. Let’s have a look at a few.

How did you like the ending of Teri Rah Mein? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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