In Pictures: Azaadi’s Success Parties Make Rounds!

One of the highly anticipated Pakistani movies, Azaadi has collected a record box office sum in just fifteen days after its release. The action-packed romantic movie is filled with passion, emotions and the thirst for Kashmir’s freedom. It is the story of Azaad, played by the veteran, Moammar Rana, who has gone to fight the illegal oppressors to attain Kashmir’s freedom. The gorgeous, Sonya Hussyn shares the screen as his spouse who comes to ask for a divorce but ends up falling in love with him. The maestro, Nadeem Baig plays the role of Azaad’s father who is an epitome of resilience and caters some of the most powerful dialogues throughout the movie, making it exciting with each passing minute.

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On the substantial screening spree of the flick throughout Pakistan, the legendary, Meera Jee has arranged a success party for the protagonist, Moammar Rana at her residence. 

King is back one and only #moammarrana #sucessparty???? #azaadi #film #love #respect

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The event incorporates top-notch stars like the action hero, Jan Rambo, his uber gorgeous spouse, Sahiba Rambo, and the pride of Pakistan, Wahab Riaz.

The party happens to be a delightful affair with selfies and poses galore.

When best friends meet, an abundance of fun can be witnessed by the videos and boomerangs.

Just like us, our favorite celebs also share emotive moments exhibiting heartfelt conversations. Have a look at this one.

The big success of the movie means variable celebrations. Our dapper freedom fighter has been invited another time for a cake cutting ceremony amidst his best friends aka the superstars of our country. Albeit being well-famed, they delineate extremely simple personalities. Have a look at all these first-rate stars cheering “Azaadi, Azaadi” as Moammar Rana cuts the cake.

The best-friendship of Meera Jee and Moammar Rana is not just confined to the times when they are together, the actors stay together at heart even when they are miles away. See her sending love to her buddy!

We are certain that this amazing movie named Azaadi will garner immense love and praise to become one of the highest grossing flicks of Pakistan.

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