Five Things You Will Absolutely Love About ‘Azaadi’!

And when it seemed that the Pakistani cinema has dwindled to just comedy or romance, the immensely talented sons of the maestro Parvez Malik, decided to take the vision of their father to the mainstream by putting all their efforts into the movie, they call Azaadi. Being an ARY Films’ production, Azaadi is made solely to stay in the limelight for a while, garnering exceptional praise for an abundance of reasons.

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Apart from the impeccable director, Imran Malik, Azaadi carries an ensemble cast of extraordinary actors from the veteran Nadeem Baig, to the superstar Moammar Rana and the gorgeous Sonya Hussyn. What makes this story different and unprecedented is the beautifully written script and the super emotive dialogues, uttered by the masters of acting, along with the downright melodious music.

Just when the movie is on the verge of its release on Eid-Ul-Fitr, let us take you to the list of top five things, you will absolutely admire Azaadi for.

1. Impeccable Actors.

The name of Moammar Rana comes into our mind when we hear about Pakistani action or even romance. After giving back to back hits to the Pakistani cinema in the past, Moammar Rana is back with Azaadi, depicting an uber muscular freedom fighter, whose only aim of life is the liberation of his Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

The gorgeous Sonya Hussyn, albeit being a television actor, has proved to be one of the most versatile actors by portraying a British journalist and a concerned, loyal wife, with an equal ace.

The maestro, Nadeem Baig’s ultimate experience takes this movie to a whole new level of charm. His expressions and dialogues play a vital role in the movie.

In spite of being comparatively new to the Pakistani film industry, Mariam Ansari and Erum Azam will undoubtedly be the leading thespians in the near future in the wake of their captivating performances in Azaadi.

2. Surreal Music.

The music of Azaadi has been done by the flamboyant Sahir Ali Bagga and Bobby Wazir. The upbeat number, Mahiya Ve, is intoned by Jabbar Abbas and Afshan Malik meanwhile the voice behind Lagiyaan is of Sahir Ali Bagga. The gorgeous dance moves are choreographed by none other than Reshma Khan.

3. Moving Story.

The story of Kashmir has always been there but no one actually dared to bring it to the mainstream through cinema. Imran Malik and Irfan Malik have managed to get into the arena to portray the real happenings of Kashmir as they are, unaltered. The stories delineated in Azaadi have a close contact with the actual ongoing atrocities and the struggle of Kashmiri people in its occupied fragment.

4. Influencing Dialogues.

The dialogues by all the protagonists from Moammar Rana and Sonya Hussyn to the veteran Nadeem Baig have been uttered with an absolute mastery to create a long-lasting impact. Throughout the movie, Moammar Rana has been in his role of a freedom fighter, with fierce voice and aggressive body language, trying to do as much as he must to save his people from the barbaric Indian attacks. Despite being born to a British woman in the movie, Sonya has spoken in both languages fluently with just the right amount of variance in her pitch. Nadeem Baig has proved to be the true legend by his commendable dialogue delivery and his super energetic body language. The dialogues of Azaadi are penned down in such a way that they hit directly in the heart, making the spectators ponder on the very crisis of Kashmir, extracting a river of tears from their eyes.

5. Stunning Locations.

The movie is shot in London and in Azaad Kashmir. In the age of ever-growing global warming, Kashmir happens to be the withstanding marvel of nature. Enormous lush green mountains, crystal clear waters, and huge forests, Kashmir is an owner of breathtaking sceneries and Azaadi depicts the true essence of this gorgeousness.

Azaadi is unarguably here to accumulate infinite praise for a long time. On the instance of Eid-ul-Fitr, where a few other movies are also releasing, Azaadi looks promising and the most anticipated upcoming flick.

What are your views on the story? Tell us in the comments below.

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