in Photos: Junaid Khan just watched WrestleMania 35!

Whenever we think of a name for a perfect amalgamation of pristine acting and magical voice box, we instantly come up with the name of Junaid Khan, who has been winning ample hearts with his spectacular talents.

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The singer-cum-actor is not only acclaimed for his skills, but he is also a pretty famous globetrotter. Albeit being one of the busiest Pakistani superstars, he always has a room for traveling. Not very long ago, the actor has visited Turkey and posted a few breathtaking photos from Istanbul.

Also, this perfectly framed photo from the historical Sultan Ahmed Mosque along with our favorite Moonis from Khasara.

Donned in an exquisite outfit, he poses from the midst of Büyükada islands.

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A trip to the islands.. #turkey

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Looks like he is not alone in the foreign land, this cutie is accompanying our heartthrob.

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Sunshine and i… #istanbul #turkey

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Junaid from the ongoing drama Hania has also posted a video on his official Instagram account telling about the weather and food Istanbul offers.

He says adios to Turkey with another flamboyant photo, donned in all stylish outfit.

The globetrotter has then traveled to New York to post another set of flabbergasting photos like these.

He goes to Times Square and gets pictured with these acclaimed Hollywood movie characters.

Also, going to the US and not watching a baseball game is a big no. So he goes for the game between Mets and Nationals.

And finally, he goes to Brooklyn to meet A-list World Wrestling Entertainment superstars ahead of the 35th Wrestlemania. He stands with wrestler Apollo here, exhibiting his excitement for the show.

He goes to the MetLife stadium to witness arguably the biggest wrestling competition of the world, Wrestlemania and uploads a photo standing in front of the ring. He writes, “Been a #wrestling fan ever since i was kid. Watching a #wwe event live was on my #bucketlist and what better than experiencing it thru the biggest wrestling entertainment event in current times and thats #wrestlemania. Always wanted to see how they execute such a large scale event so convincingly. Btw hats off to the performers. Being an actor i know making all this look almost real its hell of a task and specially to a live audience. To me #wwe has been a form of live action theatre and its main purpose is entertainment and at the end of the night i was thoroughly entertained.”

He uploads a video on his official Facebook profile delineating one of the most spectacular wrestlers, Brock Lesnar’s entry in Wrestlemania 35.

Upon his departure from the US, he pays gratitude to his fans for letting him know of the important landmarks in the US amongst other suggestions throughout the trip.

More power to you Junaid! May you keep uploading such captivating photos and videos from your other trips to every corner of the world.

What are your views on these astounding photos and videos? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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