Kaisa Hai Naseeban | Will Marium escape or stay at her in-laws?

ARY Digital’s highly anticipated drama, ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’, produced by iDream Entertainment and helmed by Ahmed Bhatti, is literally a bold step in creating awareness in the society. It emphasizes another stereotype revolving around the daughters. From their birth, daughters are perceived that they will leave their parents’ house and their parents also tend to desperately find a match for them. The irony is that they often misjudge the boy and the family he belongs to because they just need their daughters to get married as soon as they must.

Kaisa Hai Naseeban depicts a family having two daughters and their parents. Both daughters, Marium and Farah love their parents to bits and it is evident from the opening episode. However, the moment we thought that the family is absolutely content, Marium’s rich paternal aunt comes from Malaysia and finds Marium suitable for her son, Ahmed. For the love of her aunt, Marium agrees to marry Ahmed and fly to Malaysia, that too right after the wedding, donned in her wedding dress.

As soon as she gets to Malaysia with her new family, she finds out that all the apparent wealth of her aunt is merely a lie. Moreover, her aunt clears her doubts by telling her the reasons for their downfall and Marium, like an obedient daughter in law, believes her. As time passes, she comes to know that she has been brought to Malaysia merely to serve as a maid, washing dishes, mopping the entire house, cooking and pressing clothes of all family members.

Marium stays silent because she feels that her husband is on her side, until one day when her mother-in-law intentionally drops a hot cup of tea over herself, followed by a fierce slap by Ahmed on Marium’s face. However, the next day, Ahmed apologizes and takes her to a city tour and she feels that the situation has calmed. Little did she know that her better half is a patient of bipolar disorder and he has proved to be one quite a few times.

Ahmed’s mother had taken a handsome amount of money from Marium’s father, promising to return it on her arrival to Malaysia. Ahmed invests the money in a business in collaboration with a friend Nooruddin but the person he has given all the cash runs away, leaving Ahmed with empty pockets behind. Also, Nooruddin warns Ahmed to return the money as soon as possible. Watching him threat her husband, Marium tells him they are going to return the entire amount in a month. Upon his departure, Ahmed, his mother, and sister, Sana blames Marium for doubling their troubles. She brings the jewelry given by Ahmed’s mother and asks her to sale it for the money. Her mother-in-law replies that the jewelry is fake, and instructs her to bring the jewelry her father had given.

Ahmed goes to a friend for the job, but not for himself. He comes home and asks Marium to work and upon her refusal, he warns her for repercussions. Albeit not even going out alone while in Pakistan, she goes to work in a restaurant as a waitress, only to get back home to work as a maid again. One day, while missing her parents, she calls her mother while everyone is asleep and starts to cry unintentionally. Ahmed sees her and accuses her of telling everything to her parents. He makes her call her mother again to tell everything is fine.

Due to the tiredness, she falls asleep on the train and misses her stop, getting somewhere else. Ahmed’s mother thinks whether she has run away. He goes to the room and to his relief, finds her passport laying in the closet. She comes homes and he pushes her, to blame her for unfaithfulness. In spite of being sick, Ahmed forces her to go to the office but her condition doesn’t let her to. Ahmed’s mother and himself try to make her feel better, not because they care for her but because they don’t want her salary to be deducted.

On the pay-day, her friend at work asks her to run away with the salary but she finds out that her salary has already gone to Ahmed’s account. On her way home, Nooruddin holds her hand and out of anger, she slaps on his face with all the power she had. As a result, Nooruddin sends police to their home to arrest Ahmed. While the police take him, his mother and sister request Marium to do something. She goes to the police station to beg for her husband’s release. Upon her arrival to home, her mother and sisters-in-law order her to apologize Nooruddin. He asks her to touch his feet if she wants her husband back.

Nooruddin comes back and pushes her violently for being the reason for his arrest. However, after a couple of moments, she goes back to her to apologize to her and says that he is sorry for his behavior and he does not want her to work anymore. She is happy at home when suddenly the bell rings and she opens the door. She finds out Nooruddin at the door and he tries to assault her but Ahmed comes from behind with two more guys, asking them to take him to the police for breaking in the house and trying to assault. Marium is relieved that her husband is the most dignified husband ever.

As soon as she develops some respect for her husband, she finds out himself telling his mother it was his idea to take everyone outside and send Nooruddin home so that he could get him imprisoned for attacking Marium. All hell breaks loose when his mother sees Marium and to make things look better, she slaps Ahmed, asking him to get off her sight. She makes him apologize to Marium but the latter is firm of going to the embassy to complain and return to her homeland. His mother then warns that her family’s reputation will be tarnished if she returns.

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In Pakistan, Marium’s father is surrounded by loans and is very stressed. He tries to talk to Ahmed and his mother but they distract him from the real topic. Marium’s mother tells everything to her nephew, Affan, who used to love Marium. She shares that they are worried about Farah’s future and to their surprise, Affan brings his proposal to her.

At first, Farah does not agree but her mother asks Marium to ask her to accept his proposal. Marium’s friend from work gifts her a phone and instructs her to use it secretly. On the other hand, Ahmed’s sister, Sana finds her soulmate and plans to tie the nuptial knot after getting him meet her family. On her way home from work, Marium calls Farah, asking her to say yes for Affan’s proposal. At midnight, Marium’s mother calls Ahmed and to his shock, tells him that her phone is off and she wanted her to talk to Farah due to her birthday. He calls Marium to the room and they wish Farah a happy birthday.

The next day Ahmed and his mother are all set to scold or even hit Marium because of her phone but as soon as she comes home and he asks her about the phone, Sana comes home, crying. They leave Marium and start consoling Sana. When her husband comes to take her home, Ahmed ironically yells at him, the rights of a woman and the responsibilities of the husband while his own spouse stands at a distance, crying upon her fate.

Marium’s friend from work finds another job for her. Marium goes to a house to take care of an elderly woman. Sana’s husband finds Marium in his way to work and requests her to get in the car so that he could drop her to work. In the way, she tells him everything. One day, when Ahmed goes to her restaurant to request for an advance salary, the manager tells he is already giving her the benefit of two hours every day, he can’t give the salary in advance now. This makes him curious and he rushes back home, waiting for Marium to show up.

In our society, parents of the daughters who get married abroad usually consider themselves lucky because they think foreign countries have all the facilities that will occur as a blessing for their daughters but the reality is a lot different. Also, if you get your daughter married to someone in the family, you often don’t do proper research about the boy she is getting married to. This ignorance can also lead to her miserable life.

With Kaisa Hai Naseeban, ARY Digital brings another reality in the mainstream that most people don’t want to talk about. Daughters are precious and a form of blessing according to our religion. We must protect them till they get married and stay vigilant even after they get married for their secure and happy future.

However, how do you think will the drama unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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