Karachi Kings’ Anthem is about the team and about this beautiful city

The Official anthem for Karachi Kings of the 7th installment of Pakistan Super League (PSL) has just been released Sunday evening and it features the energetic Asim Azhar along with the immensely talented, Talhah Yunus.

The song delineates Asim and Talhah along with the superstars of Karach Kings’ team and the Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram amid other cricket aficionados.

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Apart from Asim Azhar’s magical voice, Talhah Younus makes sure to take the song to the next level by bringing his unparalleled rap game to the show. As he raps, he defines, not only the team Karachi Kings, but also Karachi, its people, and the inclusivity it is famous for.

Last week, Asim Azhar took to Twitter to ask the famous rapper Talhah Yunus for an anthem for Karachi in the seventh installment of PSL. He also tagged the President and CEO of ARY Digital Network and the Owner of Karachi Kings, Mr. Salman Iqbal, asking him about his opinion on the collaboration.

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