Kinza from Bewafa needs your suggestion

Bewafa has just aired its eighth episode and people are already waiting for the story to unfold, as it has brought quagmire for Kinza, who is literally broken into pieces after getting to know of her husband’s second marriage.

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After years of successful love marriage, Ahan finds a friend in one of his co-workers, Shireen. However, she loves him so much that she wants him to be with her only. He fails to fathom and the text message where Shireen confesses her love is read by Kinza.

Kinza not only fights with him, but she also forces herself into Shireen’s house to tarnish her image and the image of the entire family. Shireen, in turn, decides to burn down their wedding by portraying that she will die because her dignity had been compromised.

To save an immensely depressed person, Ahan marries her but asks her to keep the matrimony a secret for some time. But in the era of social media epidemic, Kinza finds out about the wedding and it breaks her to no limits. She wants to go away but she could not, as the wife of his only brother would not even spare a room for the heartbroken soul.

Ahan’s mother comes to the rescue, asking Kinza to stay in the house because she deserves all the happiness and comfort in lieu of Shireen. She not only decides to stay, but she also asks Ahan to bring his second wife to the house.

Following the episode, Kinza aka Navin Waqar took to Instagram to ask Bewafa enthusiasts whether it was wise of her to ask Ahan to bring Shireen home. She wrote, “Kinza’s worst fears came true. Do you agree with her decision to invite Shireen into her home? What advice would you give her?” She also gave kudos to her on-screen mother-in-law.

So, what piece of advice have you got for her? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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