Kiran, the important and strong fragment of Sinf e Aahan

15 episodes of Sinf e Aahan have aired so far and they delineate the lives of women belonging to different backgrounds. The drama shows their problems, their goals, and their achievements. Apart from Mahjabeen Mastaan, Rabbia Safeer, Pariwesh Jamal, Shaista Khanzada, Arzoo Daniel and Nathmy Parreira, the drama also features another Sinf e Aahan; Kiran.

Kiran represents the wives of martyred soldiers belonging to the Pakistan Army. She marries the love of her life, knowing she will be left alone someday. Even after starting the new chapter of her life with Major Usama, she just could not feel at ease. She fights with herself every day, holds herself together, explains to herself that she is strong.

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However, she misses Taimoor every day. She finds him in their daughter, her voice, and her matching behavior with Taimoor. Pakistan Military Academy reminds her of the lost love, the unfulfilled promises, and the plans that will never come to life.


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She did not get her closure, and nor did she talk about it with anyone. Time and again Usama insisted her to discuss but she refused.

How do you think will the drama unfold for Kiran? Will she ever open up about Taimoor? Will she ever be able to love again? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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