Koi Chand Rakh OST crosses 50 Million YouTube views!

The very handsome, Imran Abbas recently took to Instagram to post a story featuring a screenshot of the OST of Koi Chand Rakh, published on YouTube. It showed that the OST has accumulated a whopping 50 Million views with tens of thousands of comments from drama enthusiasts across the world.

One of the biggest dramas of 2018 starts off revealing two families; one has siblings, Umair and Nashal, their parents, and a cousin, Rabail. Rabail is a doctor while both Umair and Nashal are students. On the other hand, another family comprises Zain, who is also a student, his younger sister, Sobi, and their parents.

Zain sees Nashal on a trip and finds himself fallen in love with her rather instantly. He tries to get to know her name and she jokingly replies with Rabail’s name. Meanwhile, the heads of both families are old friends and upon seeing Rabail for the first time, Zain’s father asks her uncle if she will marry Zain. He goes to Zain and gets his speedy approval after revealing her name in front of him.

Rabail’s friendliness towards Umair makes him think she has fallen in love with him. He expresses his love but she declines because she had always taken him as her younger brother. He is then sent to another city to study and Rabail tells him that she is going to wait for him.

Zain finds himself in shock when he comes to Rabail’s home to meet her thinking she is actually getting married to Nashal. But for the sake of his father’s desire, he says yes and also because he wants to make Nashal take the first move so that he is no more the person who is to be blamed. But instead, Nashal proves to be as stubborn as him and she stays quiet, resulting in Zain and Rabail’s marriage. Umair comes back on the wedding day and questions Rabail’s attachment towards him but ends up being heartbroken.

In the meantime, Zain’s father comes to know that he is in love with Nashal but he still requests Zain to fulfill the duties of a husband. On the wedding night, Zain insults Rabail for being a boring human and a person he would have never wanted to get married to. But due to his father’s promise, he keeps the relationship intact. But he is not the only person trying, Rabail is also longing for a happy and healthy relationship with Zain.

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Nashal and Zain are still meeting in secrecy and she tries her best to tarnish Rabail’s image in front of him. She brings fake love letters of Umair for Rabail to Zain, proving that she is not a good person. Zain starts to hate Umair and bans his entry from home. Also, he accuses Rabail of cheating on him with Umair. He gets married to Nashal secretly against everybody’s wishes and Umair finds it out and blames her for ruining Rabail’s home. Nashal’s father pushes her out of the home and as a result, she comes to Zain’s home and in spite of constant disapproval starts living with them.

Rabail leaves for her uncle’s home because of immense depression. She expects a child and this makes Zain think about her a bit. This angers Nashal and she makes him hate his own family. As a result, the couple shifts to a new home but Nashal’s grievances and insecurities start to escalate because he often goes to meet his family and Rabail. One day while he is with Rabail, she complains of head-spinning so he takes her to the hospital.

Notwithstanding the birth of his daughter, he does not even take her in his arms and plans to spend his life with Nashal but she becomes annoying with each passing day. As time passes, he realizes Rabail is the only girl that can ever make him live life with contentment. In the end, he apologizes to Rabail and expresses his love for her, asking her to come with him. But she refuses, asks him for separation, goes to Umair, and says, “I have surrendered myself in front of your true love.” They go to play in the rain and apparently live happily ever after.

We are certain, Koi Chand Rakh will surely be remembered by a huge populace for a very long time. What do you think? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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