Kuch Ankahi starts with a beautiful episode

The first episode of the highly anticipated drama serial Kuch Ankahi aired Saturday night and surely fulfilled expectations. That’s not us saying, but numerous drama enthusiasts took to social media to talk about the drama, its cast, and its unique storyline.

It starts off with Aliya and Salman, both real estate agents, driving their separate cars, hoping the day goes fine when suddenly Aliya’s car breaks down. Salman sees her car and thinks of helping her as his responsibility. Albeit promising to never cross paths, they meet again; this time in front of the house of the client they both want to work for. Salman gets the deal but later that day, Aliya gets the call for some suggestions.

Coming to the family, Aliya lives with her parents and two sisters, while Salman lives with his mother. Aliya’s sister Samiya is engaged and awaiting her nuptials for three years. Her mother notices one white hair on her head and all hell breaks loose. Aliya’s father, Agha Jan is spending his days in court because of the claims of various cousins and relatives over his ancestral house.

Apart from the two families, there is one more family, comprising of the client (Sehrish) Aliya and Salman both want to work for, her father and brother. The brother comes soon after she finishes talking to Aliya for suggestions, asks his father to hand him over the piece of land at Highway, gets denied, and walks away.

How do you think was the first episode of Kuch Ankahi? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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