Kuch Ankahi — Stereotypes break here

Termed the biggest family drama of 2023, Kuch Ankahi not only navigates plenty of social issues but also tarnishes stereotypes. The drama sheds light on various important themes that resonate deeply with viewers.

Women’s empowerment is one of the many important messages this drama conveyed with absolute mastery. Agha Jaan, the father of three daughters, played a very impactful role of being a supportive father by always trusting his daughters, which equipped them with strength, making them independent individuals.

The Trio

Alia – Agha Jee’s second daughter is the family’s breadwinner. Her determination epitomizes the hard-working women of our society. Shattering the glass ceiling, she has made a name in the real estate industry of Karachi.

Due to the nature of work, Alia often ends up meeting Salman, a fellow realtor, and her nemesis. Luckily, the turn of expected and unexpected events brought us something really magical.

Salman’s friendship with his mother is very cute. He has immense love for his mother and he also helps her with household chores. Both Alia and Salman are somehow breaking away from the stereotypes of gender roles.

Salman’s character embodies a fascinating blend of maturity and immaturity. In the depth of his heart, Salman adores Alia, and despite engaging in banters and arguments, they have an adorable bond. Their relationship resonates with many of us, as they playfully tease one another but remain steadfast in supporting each other when it truly matters. They have won the hearts of audiences with their exceptional acting skills.

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Every story has its twist, and in this story of Alia and Salman, Asfar is that twist. Asfar’s character is defined by the misunderstandings that arose when his father sent him abroad for education after his mother’s demise, thinking it will be fruitful for his future. However, Asfar felt abandoned and thought he is being sent away because of his father’s new family, which resulted in bitterness in his nature.


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Asfar’s sister and Alia’s employer, Sehrish, placed the latter in the former’s life very subtly, to make him relinquish all misunderstandings he had had. Alia succeeded in reconciling the family but in the midst of all this, Asfar found his heart drawn to Alia, and he even proposed to her.

Asfar and Salman, after a confrontation, decide to leave the choice of their love interest to Alia. This moment highlights tolerance, co-existence, and the importance of respecting a woman’s decision. With feelings for Salman in her heart, Alia wastes no time in letting her decision known to Asfar. Instead of making a fuss Asfar chooses to take a mature and selfless stance by gracefully stepping back.

Being Your Own Hero

Samiya’s journey highlights the struggles faced by many women who are made to feel inadequate or rushed for marriage due to societal norms. Her decision to stand up for herself showcases the importance of finding one’s identity and happiness outside of societal conventions.

Samiya and Saif do not get a proper closure and their story is left open-ended. Samiya wants to forgive Saif but she also cannot forget the treatment she had gone through whilst being at his house.


Tanya’s determination to focus on her studies despite facing body shaming and societal pressure is a powerful message. She always takes a stand when she sees something unjust or bad; Tanya’s friend had been facing harassment from a university professor, causing her to withdraw from attending classes. This piques Tanya’s curiosity, and she makes determined efforts to uncover the truth behind her friend’s absence. Eventually, she not only manages to unravel the incident’s details, but she also courageously decides to share everything on social media. Despite continuous threats, she leaves no stone unturned in seeking justice for her friend.

Tania and Shakeel’s chemistry is the cherry on top. Tania is bashing all advances made by poor Shakeel. Looks cute and real.


The drama also emphasizes the significance of treating everyone equally, regardless of their background or beliefs. Meena, the helper in the Agha household, is portrayed with respect and empathy, breaking away from typical stereotypes associated with such characters.

The show delves into Meena’s hardships including an unsupportive, drunkard husband, and financial constraints. She sends her school-going boy, Deepak, to work with a tailor for money. However, after a horrific incident, the entire Agha household, including Thanvi, makes sure Deepak gets enrolled in a school to continue his education. Meena’s teenage daughter, Neha, who wants to become a star, eventually becomes a model-cum-actress with the help of Tania and her friends.

You Can Love, No Matter What

Sofia’s character breaks the stereotype of an evil phupoo by being a loving and supportive presence. She is always there for her nieces. Being vocal about the legal and religious rights of women also adds depth to her character; the entire Samiya’s Nikkah scene and her own inheritance in the house ooze sheer empowerment.


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Thanvi, a middle-aged single man, who waited for Sofia for so long, musters the courage to propose to her. Albeit her conflicting reaction, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to win her heart. Furthermore, just before their big day, Sofia runs away, but Thanvi finds her at the train station. The nuptials of the two depict we can love more than once, and that we find love in the most unusual of places.


Kuch Ankahi is a remarkable drama that tackles a diverse range of issues, delivering powerful messages about equality, relinquishing egos for the people who care, individuality, and breaking societal norms, amid others.


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Helmed by ace director Nadeem Baig and written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, who also portrays the role of Agha Jan in the drama, Kuch Ankahi, boasts an intricately woven plotline where every element serves a purpose. The drama captivates with its attention to detail, exquisite writing, and outstanding performances, elevating its overall vibe, and providing us with an exceptional conclusion. Despite juggling multiple storylines, the skilled writer adeptly resolves every aspect, leaving the audience thoroughly satisfied.

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