Log Kya Kahenge ends on a high note and people are loving it

Dramas that air on ARY Digital not only cater sheer entertainment but also educate and inform the spectators about topics nobody usually talks about. These dramas also play an integral part in the destigmatization of certain issues. Likewise, Log Kya Kahenge has just aired its final episode last night and it definitely propagated a powerful message.

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It portrays Meerub as the ray of light for many women out there, who are scared of the toxic and gloomy society. Despite Saad and her brother’s persistence for the second marriage, Meerub chooses to rather go away for her children with nothing other than sheer faith in God Almighty.

They thought she would not be able to survive without a man. Little did they know a mother with blind trust in her Creator is strong enough to take up anything in the whole wide world. From humiliation and cat-calling to severe allegations on her character, she came back as the epitome of resilience and bravery, and people throughout social media are appreciating Log Kya Kahenge for that.

Log Kya KahengeLog Kya KahengeLog Kya KahengeAbundant fans also lauded Saad’s closing dialogues with Meerub.Log Kya Kahenge

Log Kya Kahenge

A few were also caught up in the sweet and emotional reunion of Saad’s family with Meerub and her kids, especially when Raahim recognized “Uncle Saad” and hugged him spontaneously.

Log Kya KahengeSome people praised ARY Digital for creating such dramas that shed light on pivotal topics like women empowerment with complete subtlety and mastery.

Log Kya Kahenge

Looks like 2021 is also the year of flamboyant dramas on ARY Digital just like the last year and years before that. ARY Digital has transcended the boundaries of the entertainment scene of Pakistan by bringing one after another impeccable drama serial to keep the audiences hooked and binge-watch each drama.

Well, what about Log Kya Kahenge did you love the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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