Eleven reasons why Mahira Khan is our favourite!

Having garnered utmost fame for her uber bubbly persona as a VJ, the incredibly gorgeous, Mahira Khan went on to win uncountable hearts for her flamboyant acting rather instantly. The diva is known not only for her extraordinary beauty but for the quality of exquisite performance she gives in all her projects. Be it a basic advertisement, a drama or a Bollywood flick, she is apparently always ready to provide the perfect amount of oomph to her fans.

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Today, the diva has just turned 34 and on the occasion of her birthday, we will tell you eleven of the many reasons we love her for.

Albeit being one of the excessively busy celebrities, Mahira gives adequate time to her family. Be it her brother or even the children of her sister, she is always there, for family surely comes first.

The prima donna is “grateful” for having Azlan as her son. She has exhibited her love for the cutie abundant times, while being with him and when she is away, on shoots.

Mahira is a total momma’s girl; her mother is the favorite human being she’ll ever think of. She posts this adorable photo with her mother on Women’s Day.

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My mother used to recite/sing this poem to us as kids all the time ( she still does, and several different ones at that). For as long as I can remember sometimes she'd wake us up with it.. she'd say it while walking around the house during my exams, very recently while I was lost in thought I could hear her recite it loudly.. Writing a few lines that I remember from it.Lucky to have known the most amazing, brave and kind women in my life.. here's to all of you ???????? Uth baandh kamar, kya darta hai? Phir dekh khuda kya Karta hai. Yeh duniya aakhir faani hai, Aur jaan bhi ek din jaani hai.. Par tujhko kya hairaani hai? Kar daal jo dil mein thaani hai. Jab himmat ki jolani hai, toh pathar bhi phir paani hai.. Uth baandh kamar.. kya darta hai? P.S Thank god my Ama or Nani aren't on Instagram, would have killed me for posting this picture.. #womensday

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And we hands down admire the actress for being a legit foodie!

The ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ protagonist is usually the first one to stand up against prevailing social injustices in the country.

Talk about philanthropy and she is already there! Mahira is an epitome of humanity and she always graces charity events with her presence.

The gorgeous actor spends time in different institutions to promote education and knowledge about various things including women’s health.

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This year, I had the privilege, to yet again go out to colleges and raise awareness amongst girls about breast cancer with Shaukat Khan Memorial Hospital. I will re-write what I wrote last year, since unfortunately every word holds true even today. I do hope that year after year we see a decrease in the number of those suffering from Breast cancer. 1 out of 9 women will suffer from Breast cancer in Pakistan! This to me is an alarming statistic, one which is only growing with time. But it is important to also know that this is a cancer that is curable, one that can be survived!! It's been 3 years since my association with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, in raising awareness about breast cancer before which I was as unaware ( maybe more) than the thousands of girls we reach out to every year in colleges around Pakistan. One of the major causes for the rising numbers is the taboo attached to it – we don't openly talk about the disease and we must. Also the myths attached to it are just that – myths. No, you do not get breast cancer if you wear a black bra nor is it contagious. Another cause is awareness. We don't educate ourselves about it. It is very important that all women over the age of 20 must self examine (go online and find out how to do it, it's very easy) themselves monthly. Women over the age of 40 must go for a mammogram every 2 years. Early detection can prevent the cancer from spreading. Be aware of your body, the changes that you feel in your body. Take your health seriously. Inform and educate yourselves and pass it forward while you're at it! For more information visit : http://www.breastcancer.org/ http://www.shaukatkhanum.org.pk/news-a-events/events/228.html

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How can you not love a celebrity who pouts with the homegirls with an absolute graciousness?

We’ve always seen international celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Gigi Hadid visiting the minorities and scared refugees. Here, we have our own power-girl proving to be an iron lady by visiting Afghan refugee camps and spending some time with the refugees.

She’s one of the very few Pakistani celebrities to transcend the concept of borders in arts by acting alongside the ultimate Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan in the superhit flick, ‘Raees’.

Mahira always makes us proud for all the right reasons! She has gone to France earlier this year to attend the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and to represent Pakistan at a global level.

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Extra ????

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ARY Digital Network wishes Mahira Khan a very happy birthday with a plethora of wishes and love! More power to you Mahira!

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