Mahira, Aamina and Meera Initiate Philanthropic Campaigns

We have always seen international celebrities reaching out to different communities, mostly in the refugee camps for their philanthropic work. The veteran actress, Angelina Jolie, the legendary host Ellen DeGeneres, the maestro, George Clooney, his lawyer spouse, Amal Clooney, the dapper Leonardo DiCaprio, and the bubbly, Gigi Hadid, are among a few celebrities who are well-celebrated for their excessive humanitarian work.

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Jumping on the bandwagon of charity and philanthropy, our favorite Pakistani stars have also started visiting refugee camps and orphanages to let them know that they’re not alone in the midst of a huge selfish crowd. The gorgeous, Armeena Rana Khan has always been advocating for the oppressed people, so much so that she has exhibited a strong stance in favor of the families in Syria and Palestine.

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The Raees sensation, Mahira Khan is usually there to condemn the brutalities that are rotting our society with continuity. She has been one of the first few people to stand up and demand justice for Zainab, and she didn’t only show her aggression through social media, she was physically present in all the protests, that were carried out for the demand of a fair trial.

Recently, the protagonist has visited Afghan refugee camps in Karachi, to spread a plethora of smiles amidst cute Afghan children in collaboration with the United Nations. The starlet has posted a set of photos on her social media account to show the modesty and vulnerability of these people, to the world. She describes her experience as, “A lot of times my job has allowed me to witness days and moments that humble me. Today was one of those days. Today I’m also proud to say that my country is one of the most generous countries of the world. The Government and people of Pakistan – with the support of the international community – have been generously hosting Afghan refugees for nearly forty years. Since 2002, around 4.3 million Afghan refugees have returned back to Afghanistan under the largest voluntary return programme in the world. The UN refugee agency has been closely working with the Government of Pakistan and other partners to ensure that the rights of refugees are fully protected. Pakistan continues to host 1.39 million Afghan refugees.” She concludes the post with a pivotal message that says, “You may ask, why should we care? We must care because more than half of the refugees are kids. A lot of them came unaccompanied, without their mothers or fathers.. a lot of them were even born here. They are our future, every child in the world is. No one chooses to be a refugee. No one chooses to leave their home.”


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She has also posted a fun video and two other photos delineating two adorable kids and their love for Varun Dhawan. Have a look.

Another immensely talented actress, Aamina Sheikh has collaborated with a local NGO to minimize the gender gap when it comes to the attainment of quality education. She aims to bring little girls with limited opportunities and poor backgrounds to the schools. She has taken to Instagram to share this news with her fans. She Says, “One’s life’s purpose must be greater than the self to bring lasting change and impact towards betterment as a whole. Honoured to be joining hands with PAGE – Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education as their Global Ambassador to commit to gender equality and gender equity in education across Pakistan.” She goes on to say, “Inshallah we begin with the mission of educating 1 million, out of school children, in Pakistan in the span of approximately 3 years. May the force be with us. Amen!”

Joining the fellow actors, the veteran, Meera Jee instantly takes to Twitter to show her love for Aamina and Mahira.

She has also visited a rehabilitation center to spend a few hours with the children, Have a look at this cutie having a fabulous time with all these kids.


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It was heartening to meet all the special kids. I said all of you are as beloved to me as my own kids. #KidsAreTheFuture #PakistanZindabad

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She writes, “It was heartening to meet all the special kids. I said all of you are as beloved to me as my own kids.”


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We are certain, that these gorgeous acts of humanity will be followed by not just other celebrities, but as humans, it is our responsibility to be a bit more generous tomorrow than we are at the moment.

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