Makeup Mogul Nabila Gives Her Two Cents On Meesha-Ali Zafar Issue

Ever since Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations against Ali Zafar have emerged in headlines, abundant celebrities have come forward to give their two cents on the happening. A-list celebrities ranging from Mahira Khan and Maya Ali to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt, have come to rescue either Meesha or Ali.

Nabila MaqsoodIn lieu of supporting any particular celebrity, our fashion industry’s big gun, Nabila Maqsood, has come up with a social media post in which she apparently tries to keep her point balanced and unbiased. She starts off by delineating that she knows both artistes on a professional and private level.

WE STAND WITH THE TRUTHI’ve known Ali Zafar since he was at college. In fact, it won’t be wrong if I claim being…

Publicat? de Nabila Maqsood pe 1 Mai 2018


The fashion magnate considers it mandatory to refrain from exploiting the #MeToo movement. Apparently, she hints it towards Meesha when she says, “Although I don’t like getting involved in any politics but seeing the divide and undying obscenity surrounding the allegations I want to make a point here and request my colleagues to refrain from manipulating the #metoo movement for their personal vendetta or instant fame. This platform should be used sacredly and responsibly to educate our next generation of their rights that may have been blurred up until now.”

But then, the makeup guru further writes, “Regardless of gender, age, [caste], creed or status, [it’s] never acceptable to force yourself upon another person without their consent. It’s also not acceptable to ever be violated and stay silent with shame.”

Albeit criticizing her ‘colleagues’, Nabila makes a rather contrasting point by claiming any contact without consent is ‘never acceptable’. At an instance, she’s agreeing that sexual harassment is a bad thing and staying quiet should not be an option but on the other hand, she also says that speaking about the experience is equivalent to sabotaging a global movement.

What do you think Nabila was trying to say here? Tell us in the comments below.

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