Mansha–Zhalay take the #SafeHandsChallenge

It seems yesterday when we were engrossed into our phone, watching tutorials of a variety of things like cooking, applying masks on faces, Do it Yourself (DIY) videos or even makeup. Well, the tables have turned and social media is full of photos and videos coming out of the pandemic stricken areas along with videos of the #SafeHandsChallenge.

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World Health Organization (WHO) has set a few guidelines of the proper way to wash hands in this time of crisis which recommends a handwashing time of 20 seconds that could go up to 40 or 60 seconds involving as many as 11 steps.

Thanks to WHO, the step by step guide of washing hands aka #SafeHandsChallenge, which aims to provide awareness to the masses about handwashing to prevent infectious and viral diseases, is trending on social media. Celebrities and famous people are putting up videos of themselves washing hands with their flair, nominating their friends and other famous people to wash hands.

Following celebrities across the world, the diva, Mansha Pasha took the challenge and she aced it. The starlet chose legendary Nazia Hassan’s song, Disco Deewane as she washed her hands. She asked her followers to “put on your fav song while washing your hands.” She also urged people to observe the steps keenly.


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Mansha went on to challenge her friends Zhalay Sarhadi, Momal Sheikh and Yumna Zaidi. To the people who might not know about the challenge, she explained, “Safe Hands is a challenge started by the World Health Organization to raise awareness regarding the proper procedure to wash hands!” She requested her followers to challenge their friends to do the same.

Her friend Zhalay Sarhadi not only accepted the challenge but also tagged more people, including Maria Wasti to perform the task along with a video of herself washing hands.


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Have you taken the Safe Hands Challenge yet? Post your videos on social media and keep tagging friends to make sure everyone is washing hands properly.

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