‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’ is the battle of love and wealth

Mera Dil Mera Dushman is a story of a young innocent girl Mairah, who gets married to a much older man Zafar for the exchange of money. Unfortunately, she comes face to face with the bitter reality that her one and only love Shameer is now her son-in-law. Hence, towards the end, Mairah’s step daughter Ayesha consolidates the relationship between Mairah and Zafar.

Alizey Shah as Mairah is a young and beautiful girl, who finds herself at odds as her parents get her married to an older man.

Yasir Nawaz as Zafar is a middle-aged arrogant man, who marries a young girl using his money.

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Noman Sami as Shameer loves Mairah but is not financially strong enough to win Mairah’s hand.

But Life has its own balance; Zafar’s son-in-law is love interest of his wife.

Anum Tanveer as Shaeena and Naveed Raza as Javed are Mariah’s Brother & Sister-in-Law.

Zafar’s younger brother and his wife are opportunists who rely on his money.

Mairah is left with no option but to adjust with Zafar and her stepchildren. She struggles to keep everyone happy but faces rude reactions which make her life difficult.

Directed By: Ali Raza (Usama)

Written By: Mirza Asim Baig


  • Yasir Nawaz
  • Alizey Shah
  • Noman Sami
  • Laiba Khan
  • Amna Malik
  • Salman Saeed
  • Shazia Gohar
  • Anam Tanveer
  • Naveed Raza
  • Akbar Islam
  • Gul E Rana
  • Fareeda Shabir
  • Fatima Sohail
  • Saba Shah
  • Malik Raza
  • Asiya Irshad

Mera Dil Mera Dushman is starting 3rd Feb, every Monday to Wednesday at 9:00 pm, only on ARY Digital.

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