Here is why Meray Paas Tum Ho is Trending on Number 1 across the country!

Meray Paas Tum Ho has just aired its fifth episode and people are loving it for the flamboyant ensemble cast and captivating storyline, so much so that the episode is trending at number one on Youtube across Pakistan.

meray paas tum hoMeray Paas Tum Ho features the astounding Humayun Saeed with the gorgeous Ayeza Khan along with the dapper Adnan Siddiqui—perfect constituents of an unarguable hit. The drama starts off delineating a middle-class happy family with the head having a government job. The reason it is being praised by a huge populace is that the class of the family it depicts is relatable to most viewers.

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In a recent turn of events, the businessman, Shehwaar ends up liking Mehwish. He also displays his admiration for her time and again in both the presence and absence of her husband Danish who is mostly insecure of him for talking to and about her ever since she had danced with him in the Mehndi.

On the other hand, Danish starts to accept bribes for his signatures on various documents due to his wife’s desire for a precious necklace. In order to get her a car to travel, he takes a heavy bribe of Rs 1 Million. However, he returns the amount and as a result, his better half gets sad.

The fifth episode delves into the family’s dinner at Shehwaar’s place, or perhaps his palace. From their formal chat to the talk Shehwaar and Mehwish had while he took her for the home theatre, everything has kept spectators glued to their seats, wanting for more. The dinner scene also gives us another clue of what Shehwaar is up to. He keeps pouring hints about how Danish and Mehwish are not living the lives they should and how the former is not keeping the latter in a way she deserves.

When asked about whether he broke up with his spouse, Shehwaar talks about how absence can not only be taken as a form of a break-up. The episode concludes with the precious gifts he gives to the family.

Following the episode, Adnan took to Instagram to post the video clips shedding light on what a break-up actually means. He wrote, “To me when the hearts are not aligned then there is no point in staying with a person. We often underestimate the power of good moments. We as humans are scared of detaching from our loved ones.”


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“But I feel, there are some people who come in our lives for a short period and once their role is over- we must let them go or set them free,” he continued.

Do you agree? How do you think will the drama unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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