Mere Hamsafar: Will Hamza and Hala find a friend in each other?

The 9th episode of Mere Hamsafar has premiered Thursday evening and it has become even more exciting and nail-biting, to say the least. Hala is about to get married to Naveed and Hamza could not let that happen. Fortunately, because of Naveed’s brother, the entire wedding scenario turns chaotic. Hamza and his father push Naveed’s family out of the house, and the former takes Hala inside.

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Hala, who had endured psychological trauma all her life, at the ends of her own people, surprisingly looks at Hamza while he brings her inside, asks whether she is doing better. The spark in her eyes delineates she has started to see a friend in him.

The next morning while he is going on a morning run, they have a light-hearted conversation as well. However, Shahjahan is clearly agitated because of multiple things; Hamza’s untimely and unannounced arrival, his values, the sudden breakage of Hala’s wedding, and Hamza’s friendliness towards her.

Shahjahan has Hala’s little secret and she plans on blackmailing her for the rest of her life, but she is curious whether Hamza lets her do that or not.

How do you think will Mere Hamsafar unfold? Will Hala find a friend in Hamza? Will Hamza realize how much does she need him in her life? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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