Meri Guriya | Will Dabeer Really Get What He Deserves?

Unarguably, Meri Guriya is one of the most watched television dramas of Pakistan at the moment, with an audience that is not just confined to being mere spectators, they are supporting the motto of this drama openly through their social media accounts.

Meanwhile few fans are overwhelmed by the commendable acting talent of their favorite actors. Besides the veteran artists like, Sajid Hassan and Sania Saeed, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sonya Hussyn have done a marvelous job in Meri Guriya, with the audiences praising them for all the right reasons.

Meri Guriya aims to highlight a cancerous cell that has been rotting the entire country for a while. However, the silence of Pakistani populace and authorities on this matter is deafening. Having started with atrocities that of Kasur, the hideous crimes of child molestation and sexual abuse didn’t hold back, leading to another outrageous crime with a minor girl in the same region. In spite of a global coverage of the event, similar cases have been emerging ever since.

Meri GuriyaMeri Guriya starts off with a family having three little daughters with Shameer, played by Sajid Hassan and Shehnaz, played by Sania Saeed as their parents. The story further uncovers another family with a newlywed couple, incorporating Mohsin Abbas Haider as Dabeer and Sonya Hussyn as Safina. Both families have a bit of edginess but are still trying to live with contentment. Albeit being constantly taunted by their grandmother, Shehnaz’s daughters manage to go to their educational institutions anyway. Meanwhile, Safina is curious to see her husband acting weird and possessing a nervous personality.

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As the drama proceeds, it depicts Dabeer to be the monster who had been raping minor girls in the area. His evil intentions fail at first, when he tries to rape Abida, Shahnaz’s youngest daughter while her parents were away. He somehow gets her numb, taking her to a place where he had taken other victims too in the second attempt.

Meri GuriyaOn the other hand, Shehnaz and Safina go on a searching spree for Asifa, decided to protest against the law enforcement agencies and the government. The protest is not only resisted by the police, but residents of the area are also outraged by the amount of audacity these women exhibited. On the other hand, Dabeer’s sister doubts him, being the rapist and as a result, he takes her to the same place he used to take the minor girls, leaving her to die of starvation. He gets home and lies that she ran away with a boy.

Meri GuriyaAs Shehnaz and Safina proceed with the protest, angry policemen and residents try to burn Shehnaz’s house down, leaving her entire family homeless. Safina asks Shehnaz to bring her family to her house till Shehnaz’s house is repaired. Shehnaz’s elder daughters find Dabeer a bit discomforting and awkward and they don’t miss a second to tell everything to Shehnaz. Shehnaz talks about this with her sick husband. Meanwhile, Safina finds her husband a bit suspicious too, but both women keep insisting for a DNA test of everyone in the neighborhood.

Meri GuriyaIn the latest episode, Safina finds out that her husband is the real culprit behind all these atrocities by showing his photo to the only survivor. The little girl instantly recognizes him, and on her way home, Safina sees Dabeer, riding a bike in agitation. She follows her husband, and to her surprise, finds her sister in law, tied. She hits him on his head and unties his sister. The drama ends when Dabeer opens his eyes in the midst of women struggling to run away.

We are hopeful that the justice will prevail and Dabeer will be caught and punished. But we are yet to see, how the drama actually unfolds.

What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments section below.

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