Nabeel Zafar of Bulbulay just made the entire year of this fan

Having started as a regular sitcom, Bulbulay went on to garner exceptional praise and love from all horizons of the world for its pristine storyline and out-of-the-box characterization of Nabeel, Khoobsurat, Mahmood Sahab, and Momo. Each character brought a variable, but fascinating energy to the show, making it an absolute hit.

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Bulbulay has truly been unrivaled in all these years it was broadcasted and months while it went off the air. No television channel has managed to bring something that could even come close to the stature Bulbulay has carried. The sitcom has not only transformed the Pakistani comedy scene but has also catered impactful messages with complete mastery in almost all its episodes.

Recently, a Pakistani American woman took to a Facebook group to ask the members for a favor, to somehow get her daughter to meet Nabeel Zafar of Bulbulay while their stay in Pakistan because she is such a huge fan of the show. She was even willing to travel to Karachi from Lahore to meet. Members of the group made sure to make it happen.

BulbulayJust two days after the post, the woman and her daughter were invited by Nabeel to the hotel he was staying at, in Lahore. She not only met Nabeel but also took photos with the legendary actor. Her grandfather also accompanied. Let’s have a look at this cute little encounter.

BulbulayNabeel Zafar


This is not the first time a child was so excited to meet the Bulbulay family. Talking exclusively to ARY Digital, producer of the show, Nabeel Zafar recalls getting so many messages and calls from different parts of the world from parents telling him how their children love this show. “People living in the West told me their children learned Urdu because of Bulbulay,” he reveals. He talks about recording a video for a differently abled child residing in Milan, Italy, amid many instances where the cast had met or sent videos for the little fans of the show.

One of the many factors for Bulbulay’s exceptional success is the immensely flamboyant ensemble cast, bringing their A-game to the show, along with the chucklesome script and outstanding storyline. To determine which character is the soul of Bulbulay is an impossible job, for, every actor has pulled extraordinary efforts to make this sitcom achieve a place no other sitcom has ever imagined of.

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