The Untold Story Behind Nadia Hussain India Refusal

Famous model and actress Nadia Hussain has recently revealed her reason for not doing modeling in India.

In the ARY Zindagi show “The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo,” the renowned model Nadia Hussain answered various questions in the segment “Parda Utha Dein” (lift the veil).

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The host, Ayaz Samoo asked, “Did Nadia Hussain receive offers from India but her husband refused to let her go?”

She replied, “I didn’t refuse such offers, but I was already engaged and about to get married. At that time, I went to India for a fashion show, and there were a lot of offers coming my way.”


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Nadia Hussain continued, “I mentioned that I was about to get married, so I couldn’t establish myself in India.”

The actress said that she had even received film offers and had to do shoots in India. It was suggested to her to work with an agency but for that, she had to repeatedly travel to India, so she rejected the proposal.

In response to another question, the model revealed that when she was walking on the ramp, there was a fire backstage, but luckily no harm was done.

It is evident that Nadia Hussain has showcased her acting skills in various dramas, including “Benaam” and “Jalan,” among others.

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