Why does Nand always accumulate millions of views on YouTube?

ARY Digital never ceases to amaze its loyal consumers with its stellar content. Just at the end of a drama, when viewers think the fun is over, the channel rolls out another drama of similar popularity, if not more. Likewise, Nand has transformed the 7:00 pm scene of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Undisputedly, ARY Digital usually has the highest amount of eyeballs when Nand is airing on television and digital media alike, so much so the first episode of Nand has just crossed 10 million views on YouTube in such a short time. It is mainly due to the immensely talented actors as part of the ensemble cast, a gripping storyline and to the point, powerful dialogues.

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From Gohar and Rabi, to Saqib and Jahangir, to Hasan and Farwa, every character steals the scene with impeccable acting skills. Nand is not merely a love story but it has a few love stories perfectly synchronizing with other stories that exhibit hatred, anger, and jealousy.

It delineates how the controlling nature of a person destroys multiple families. Gohar’s intervention in the affairs of her parents’ home and her brothers’ lives has not only ruined their lives but her own household as well. Her obsession with power often suffocates the entire house, let alone an individual.

For instance, when she sees Saqib’s inclination towards Rabi, she instantly conspires to get her off the way by accusing her of having an affair with her own husband Jahangir, leading to Saqib furiously divorcing her. On the other hand, she lights the spark of doubt in Hasan’s heart against Farwa and Shahzaib.

How far do you think will Gohar succeed in her game of obsession and power? What about Nand do you like the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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