Khurrum presents a “token of love” ahead of Mere Hamsafar finale

The finale of Mere Hamsafar is about to air in a couple of hours. The second last episode had been a literal rollercoaster of emotions. With the birth of Halza baby and the unveiling of the true face of Shahjahan in front of the whole family, last week’s episode had a lot to offer.

We do not yet know whether the show will have a happy ending or not. But we sure know that Khurrum, played by Omer Shahzad is an owner of a very soothing voice. He has taken to Instagram a moment ago to publish his rendition of the superhit OST of the superhit drama, Mere Hamsafar as a “token of love.”


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A post shared by Omer Shahzad (@omer_shahzad)

He wrote, “A token of love straight from the heart for all the love and (little) hate Khurram. For all you humasfar’s out there!”

How do you think will the last episode unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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