Pehli Si Muhabbat highlights the importance of closure in a poetic way

In the wake of the second last episode of Pehli si Muhabbat, the internet was divided into two teams; people who wanted Rakshi and Aslam to live together forever, and the people who were praising Bushra for her huge sacrifice, and wanted her and Aslam to live together forever.

Then, the teaser of the last episode was released, and people who wanted to see Rakshi and Aslam together were over the moon with joy, but everyone was surely sad for Bushra and little Darakshan. The final episode, however, was a massive sigh of relief for all drama aficionados.

Bushra makes Aslam promise that he would not get home empty-handed. Sure, he meets Rakshi in the same park they used to meet in their early days, sure they hold hands, share some beautiful anecdotes, go to the beach, have some pictures taken, and get hand garlands, but he deletes the photos they had taken and she gives those pretty rose garlands away to the girls playing in her neighborhood.

Aslam gets back home with the promise fulfilled; he does not return home empty-handed, rather, he comes back with infinite love for Bushra and Darakshan, their daughter. Likewise, Rakshi agrees to marry the person her late husband’s sister had selected. They both will see each other every now and then but the regret they once had in their eyes, will no longer be there because they have finally gotten the closure they required, to fall in love again, to move on, and to fulfill the commitments they had made with their family members.

The beautiful drama comes to an end with a gorgeous and poetic episode. What about Pehli Si Muhabbat did you like the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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