The finale of ‘Pehli Si Muhabbat’ airs tonight

After Thirty-Six episodes of a potpourri of love, emotions, and heartbreak, we call Pehli Si Muhabbat, Aslam is all set to meet Rakshi upon the insistence of his better half, Bushra. His brother is about to marry Rakshi’s stepdaughter which means they are destined to meet every now and then.

However, the ball is in Rakshi’s court now, since she is the one who has to decide whether they will still meet each other as former lovebirds; with regrets in their hearts, or they will live happily ever after. But, could there be a third possibility also?

Both Zainab and Nargis had to relinquish their first love because of their commitments to their then husbands, but Rakshi does not have anyone now. With her mom living at Faizullah’s house and her daughter soon leaving the house after her wedding, Rakshi is alone and she needs at least someone to spend her life with.

What do you think will the final decision of Rakshi be, in the last episode of Pehli Si Muhabbat? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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