People recreate Tich Button content on social media

Kaka Sahab, who completed Matriculation in four years is proud of himself because he studied more than Saqib, who just completed it in one year and now is in Turkey making round “Aalu Ke Parathay” for the Turks. A colorful theme delineating our authentic Punjabi vibe, adjoined with an exquisite Turkish flavor to depict a modern-day part of the world, the trailer of Tich Button is a three-minute absolutely gorgeous piece of art, helmed by the immensely talented Qasim Ali Mureed.

Releasing on 11-11-2022, Tich Button has unveiled two of its songs (Ehsaan Hai Tumhara and Mein Ni Boldi) as of now and they both are being equally loved on social media with people getting hooked to them for all the right reasons. Abundant cinema aficionados have taken to Instagram to reenact on the songs and dialogues from the movie. Let’s have a look at a few.


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Do you also want to get featured on the official Instagram accounts of the cast of Tich Button and ARY Digital, along with ARY Films? Record your videos on the dialogues or songs of Tich Button and publish them on social media with the hashtag #TichButtonReel

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