Pinjra just dropped its most powerful, heart wrenching episode yet

The heartbreaking 10th episode of Pinjra premiered last night. Amid spectacular performances by the entire cast, Abhan is sent to the Juvenile Detention Center due to his fight with Omar, which resulted in severe injuries in the latter’s skull.

Omar is in a coma and his parents want exemplary punishment for Abhan, let alone forgive him. His father is exerting too much pressure on the police just to make sure Abhan stays behind the bars, deeming it an unbailable offense.

Unbelievably raw, relatable, and pristine acting by Hadiqa Kiani is injecting pure emotions into the drama. From the moment she learns about the arrest, to the moment the police take Abhan with them, Hadiqa Kiani has got the audience to understand her agony and cry with her, literally.

Drama aficionados took to social media to comment on the unprecedented story of Pinjra, the flow of this drama, and the exceptional acting of all the thespians. Let’s have a look.

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