Pyar Deewangi Hai | Is marrying Mateen Rabi’s best decision?

After the chaotic three episodes, the fourth episode of Pyar Deewangi Hai was a little pleasing at first. Rabi and Mateen were finally getting married, against all odds. They were so madly and deeply in love that they literally did not let anyone come in their way. They thought everything will be rosy once they get married and they will live happily ever after.

They went against everybody’s will and got married. However, as the episode further progressed, apart from the expected misbehavior at the hands of her mother-in-law, she was amazed to see the person who claimed to love her the most yell at her for something that was not even her fault in the first place.

At the end of the episode where her mother had come to ask about her wounded nose, Mateen yelled at her so fiercely that everyone, including his own cruel mother, was shocked.

How long do you think will it take for Rabi to understand that her steadfast decision has dragged her into a quagmire, or has she already understood it?

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How do you think will tonight’s episode of Pyar Deewangi Hai unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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