Meet the lioness Rabia Safeer from Sinf e Aahan

With nothing but power in her eyes and determination in her aura, the stunning Sajal Aly portrays Rabia Safeer in ARY Digital’s highly anticipated visual delight, Sinf e Aahan. In a country where women are deemed vulnerable, the fierce Rabia Safeer makes sure to break the glass ceiling with complete mastery.

Usman Mukhtar aka Daniyal challenges Rabia Safeer time and again and she apparently takes on the challenge, following the footsteps of her brother.

From running on the racetrack and suspension-bridge training to practicing in the shooting range, and paragliding, we will watch Sajal Aly in an avatar no one has ever seen her in.

Asim Azhar

Apart from Usman Mukhtar, Asim Azhar can also be seen in the super-exhilarating one-minute teaser of Sinf e Aahan.

The upcoming megaproject is about six courageous women and their inspirational devotion to become a part of the Pakistan Army. Sinf e Aahan, or Women of Steel, features Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, Syra Yousuf, and Sri Lankan actress Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa in leading roles.

While talking to a tabloid earlier, Kubra Khan had revealed, “We’re not ‘acting’ on Sinf-e-Aahan, they filmed us while we underwent actual cadet training,” sharing that she has a number of cuts and bruises as a result of the tough training.

Highlighting just how tough the routines can get, Kubra Khan said, “Salute to all the men and women that go for training and are in the forces.”

The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress also shared that all the equipment used in the show is not dummy. “If we’ve used a gun, or a water bag or anything that’s supposed to be used in training is real. If you see a 10kg box, we’ve actually carried a 10kg box. If we’re firing a gun, it’s an actual gun,” she said.

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Written by famous playwright Umera Ahmed and directed by ace director Nadeem Baig, Sinf e Aahan is presented by ISPR. The show is produced by Six Sigma Plus and Next Level Entertainment, which are helmed by Humayun Saeed, Samina Humayun Saeed, Shahzad Nasib, and Sana Shahnawaz.

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