Sana Javed salutes healthcare professionals for their hardwork during the pandemic

With at least 221,000 cases, Pakistan is currently on the twelfth spot on the global pandemic radar with 89,225 cases in Sindh, 78,956 in Punjab, 27,170 in KPK, 10,666 in Balochistan and 13,195 in the capital. Pakistan has lost more than 50 healthcare providers to the pandemic as of now, while they were on the mission to save lives.

In the wake of the spike in the cases, provincial governments have implemented smart lockdowns in the highly vulnerable areas across the country. Most people are working from home but others are directed to follow SOPs while they go out; practicing social distancing and wearing masks. People who are traveling are advised to properly cover themselves as airports could be the den of virus spread.

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Likewise, the starlet Sana Javed posted a photo on Instagram, donned in a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit whilst traveling to stay safe during these difficult times. She empathized with the healthcare professionals and wrote, “Had to wear this for 2 hours on a flight. Can’t imagine how our doctors and all the medical front line workers wear this all day in this heat.. I salute you for your hardwork, efforts and sacrifice. Lets keep practicing social distancing and follow SOP’s. Its not over yet.” The Ruswai actress sent love and prayers for everyone affected and everyone fighting the pandemic.

She went on to extend her sincere gratitude to the newly appointed PPE Quality Control Advisor For Sindh, Asim Jofa for the PPE kit. The fashion mogul has distributed more than 6000 reusable PPE to hospitals, Govt. NGOs, private and non-private organizations across Pakistan.

When almost the entire world is working from home due to the pandemic, doctors, nurses, and paramedics are engrossed in helping the infected and vulnerable people in all countries from Italy and United States, to Pakistan and other third world countries in the face of the deadly virus. As Sana Javed suggested, we need to “be cautious and careful for our loved ones and help our health care system so it doesn’t collapse.”

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