Maya and Sheheryar love Pakistan for all the right reasons!

At least once in our lifetime, we have done Iftaar whilst being in the way to somebody’s home or perhaps to a get-together. These angels clad as humans could be found literally everywhere across Karachi at the time of Iftaar, having water and comestibles in their hands, reaching out to people walking by or in cars. Not only do these people provide food to the travelers getting from one place to another, they barely have Iftaar with their families the entire month because of the virtues they have decided to perform for the attainment of prayers and blessings galore.

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Something similar happened with two of our favorite superstars of the Pakistani media fraternity. The stunning Maya Ali and the heartthrob Sheheryar Munawar were on their way to Jeeto Pakistan for the guest appearance and their movie Parey Hut Love’s promotion but due to unpredictable Karachi traffic, they apparently got a few minutes late and could not make it to the studio before Maghrib.

So the Iftaar distributers gave them dates to break the fast and Sheheryar made an adorable video of the entire scene and it is absolutely priceless. He asked Maya about the dates she had in her hands to which she replied, “We were on our way to Jeeto Pakistan and some random guys gave us dates.” Sheheryar, very gracefully then talked about the hospitality offered by the people of Karachi. Maya smiled and said, “They are all Pakistanis.”

We are certain people of the land of pure will never cease to astonish everybody with their graciousness and altruism.

Have you ever done Iftaar on a road? Have your say about the experience in the comments’ section below.

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