This year’s Shan-e-Ramazan Kalam is as therapeutic as it gets

Ramazan Kareem is finally here to bring infinite blessings for all Muslims across the globe. It is the time of the year when Muslims go an extra mile to help the humankind with altruism and empathy. Continuing the legacy, ARY Digital is all set to bring the amalgamation of humanity and peace having religion as its core once again, to make Ramazan a bit brighter with Shan-e-Ramazan.

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But before the transmission officially starts, the yearly Kalam has just been released and it is being lauded in all horizons of the world for all the right reasons. It starts with Iqrar Ul Hassan defining the holy month in a rather poetic way, as Waseem Badami sits on a rock at the shore. But unlike previous years, Waseem speaks at length about how difficult of a time we are living in, right now, referring to the pandemic outbreak, and how important it is to have a little faith in Allah Almighty, for, he is the one who loves us more than seventy mothers altogether.

Waseem BadamiThe video also shows Iqrar ul Hassan stepping out of his vehicle to help the vulnerable people in these challenging times, working hand in hand with Ehsaas trust with a protective mask on his face. Ehsaas is an aid and development charity with 10 years of grass-roots experience that helps low-income families to alleviate their poverty and suffering by taking care of their necessities of food, water, shelter, health, education, and employment – all without compromising their dignity.

Iqrar ul HassanThen comes the legendary scholar with a majestic voice Junaid Jamshed, giving us literal goosebumps as he takes the Kalam further without any music. One of the many reasons this tune is surreal and close to our hearts is because it had been intoned by the powerhouse of talent, late Amjad Sabri along with the legendary, late Junaid Jamshed. This year, the video also features the adorable Ahmed Shah along with Waseem and Iqrar.

One of the best and surprising things about this year’s Shan e Ramazan Kalam is that the entire team is seen implementing social distancing and other precautionary measures. The set of the transmission is nearly empty and the seating arrangement for the hosts and the guests is also spacious, reaffirming proper social distancing.

We hope this Ramazan brings peace, prosperity, health, and contentment in Pakistan and all parts of the world.

Which part of the kalam intrigued you the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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