Legendary singer Alamgir just had a successful kidney transplant

Having started singing from a cafe, ‘Globe Hotel’, in Karachi, the legendary singer, Alamgir earned fame and respect through his struggle and passion.

The maestro just had a successful kidney transplant a few hours ago. He took to Facebook to share the good news with friends and fans with a photo. “Transplant was a success. Thanks to all of your prayers my Kidney Transplant was successful,” he wrote.

Yesterday, he shared with his Facebook followers, “Good News. Found a Kidney Transplant. Will go through the surgery today. Praying all goes well”

A-list celebrities were quick to express their love and admiration for the songster along with a plethora of prayers.


Alamgir had said ‘goodbye’ to the industry 20 years back due to health issues and he thought he will enjoy doing a few concerts in the US. ARY Awards turned out to be his return to his homeland which became a reason for him to stay amongst his people. Upon his arrival in Pakistan, he appeared after audiences in different concerts and attended variable television shows as well.

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His father was a politician but he didn’t opt for politics and chose a profession that was alien to him at that time, “I never thought I’ll come in the industry, however, a guitar was my passion,” he said in an interview he had, with ARY News. The energetic vocalist added that Elvis Presley occurred to be his inspiration and the very first song he sang when he was just 12 was Presley’s ‘His latest flame’.

Here’s wishing the living legend a life filled with an abundance of health and contentment galore.

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