Taqdeer | The tale of ever-growing expectations

Taqdeer is the tale of a humble but much-loved and the most pampered daughter of Tahir, Romaisa aka Romi.

As Romi gets married into a family that does not value her innocence and caring nature, things turn worse for her. Despite her consistent efforts and sacrifices for her in-laws, will she get the respect, love, and honor she deserves?

Alizeh Shah as Romaisa (Romi) is the only daughter of the family. Her wish is everyone’s command; though she is not very proud of it. Her humble attitude and innocence are loved by all.

Sami Khan as Asad is a successful businessman with a confused personality who seeks attention and is extremely insecure regarding his wife, Romi.

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Javed Sheikh as Tahir Majeed is the loving father of Romi, who loves his daughter the most. He takes care of every little thing that Romi needs or desires.

Aliya Ali as Maheen is the arrogant wife of Asad’s younger brother, Nabeel. She is very insecure because of Romi’s beauty and does not let go of any opportunity to degrade her.

Maryam Noor as Zuni is Asad’s spoiled younger sister who keeps an eye on Romi and informs her mother of everything that’s happening in the house. She’s an opportunist and even gets her assignments done by Romi.

The flower that blooms with love and care, can also wither by hatred and neglect.

Written By: Doorway Entertainment

Directed By: Mohsin Talat


  • Alizeh Shah
  • Sami Khan
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Ainee Zaidi
  • Asim Mehmood
  • Amna Malik
  • Hamza
  • Aadil Hussain
  • Khalid Anum
  • Saba Faisal
  • Zain Afzal
  • Aliya Ali
  • Maryam Noor
  • Anushay
  • Hina Rizvi

Starting tonight, Taqdeer will air every Monday – Thursday at 9:00 PM, on ARY Digital.

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