Ever Wondered Why is Veena Malik The Best Mom Ever?

Veena Malik is known for her flamboyant style and commendable acting skills. Veena’s fame is not just confined to Pakistan, she is equally praised in India for her stellar acting. Having started as a cinema actor, Veena went on to steal the limelight with her participation in Bigg Boss.

Veena has spent her life like a rollercoaster ride but now, it seems like the starlet has finally found solace in her kids. The amount of contentment she has in her life these days can easily be deciphered through all the photos she put up on her Instagram account.

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Engrossed in absolute love, the actress holds her child, Abram near, as he sleeps.

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#slothful #lazylamhay #me&my?? ??????????

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Have a look at this cutie being an absolute rockstar in his school. We’re certain his mom is all proud of him.

This photo of the mommy, tangled around her kids, as they use their respective gadgets, is arguably one of the best things you’ll see all day.

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Like mother like son! Just look at the infinite amount of gorgeousness oozing out of this video of Veena’s son Abram with his best friend, showing us his acting skills.

Fabulous cakes for these adorable little children. The superstar mom knows how to bring a smile on their faces.

The prima donna can also don a wolf mask for her kids! What a bubbly woman!

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The amount of unconditional love delineated through these photos is certainly too high! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

One of the greatest things about Veena is that she always monitors her children’s gadgets to educate them what to do with these gadgets and what not to do.