Munna Sends Akku To Naheed And Pari To Taimoor | Visaal

It is not long ago when all women try ending their household chores, and all men try returning home before 9:00 pm every Saturday, so that they can watch the highly anticipated drama, Visaal, on ARY Digital.

Visaal started off as an interesting drama, depicting families living in harmony. It also exhibited the character of ‘Akram’, who had fled a city to come and live in another because of his criminal activities. He ended up falling in love with ‘Pari’ but his close-associate told him that the girl he had fallen in love with, happen to be Naheed, the daughter of a cleric.

VisaalIn a parallel universe, Pari’s dad is one of the railway workers who gets injured in a conflict. Taimoor, the railway officer, comes to their house to pay his regards to Pari’s wounded father. Naheed and Pari visit Taimoor’s place with Naheed falling in love with him and he, falling in love with Pari. Naheed starts talking to him on calls but the only thing he would ask about is, Pari. Naheed plans to take revenge from Pari and she writes a letter on Pari’s behalf, inviting him to the house. Taimoor comes with a bouquet, that later ends up tarnishing Pari’s dignity and life.

VisaalOn the other hand, the cleric finds Akram a very good human being and wants him to marry Naheed. To Akram’s surprise, the cleric goes to him, talking about Naheed’s proposal. Akram agrees instantly because he thinks that the girl under consideration is Pari. Akram marries Naheed, and to his shock, she is not the girl he loved. But he still chooses to stay with her, so that he can meet Pari time and again.

VisaalTwo railway employees try to assassinate Pari’s father but Pari runs to Akram and they take him to the hospital. Akram comes to the hospital regularly to spend some time with her or simply to talk to her. Her father dies and she comes to live with Naheed’s parents.

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Akram decides to unfold the mystery behind Pari’s stained character and finds Naheed as the culprit. He blackmails Naheed to take his proposal for Pari. Even after ample adroit moves, Pari turns down his proposal but he still asks Naheed to do something. Naheed, out of agitation, decides to kill herself and her husband by adding poison to the food. Naheed dies but Akram is taken to the jail after recovering.

VisaalWhile he stays in the jail, Naheed’s parents choose Akram’s another close associate, Munna to marry Pari and he happily agrees. Akram asks him to step down but he declines. Taimoor’s parents also arrive to ask for Pari’s hand, followed by its refusal, Taimoor requests to meet her for the last time. In the grand finale of Visaal, Munna goes to listen to what Taimoor and Pari are talking about. He hears Pari deny Taimoor’s proposal because Munna “stood while everyone left.” He goes to the cleric, asking him to get her married to Taimoor.

VisaalA day before her wedding, Akram, out of sheer agitation goes to Pari’s home to ask her to leave everyone for him. Munna comes but Akram kicks him away and tries getting close to Pari. Munna shoots Akram, killing him. The next scene opens with Naheed’s parents talking about Pari’s wedding and Munna’s court hearing, after a month. It also delineates Taimoor and Pari living happily together, with an abundance of love and contentment galore.

VisaalThe drama doesn’t only depict the love-hate relationships, it also tells that the love of any person can never be attained by force. What do you think about this potpourri of an intense story and beautifully crafted dialogues? Have your say in the comments’ below.

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