Will the tables turn in Cheekh?

Notwithstanding ARY Digital’s continuous success by churning out uber flamboyant dramas one after another, Cheekh is an exceptional one. It has been immensely impactful throughout all these episodes. The transition it exhibits keeps all viewers glued to the screens.

It starts off with three friends living their best lives and two families. The Taseer family consists of three brothers, Wajih, Shayan and Yawer. Shayan lives abroad while his wife Mannat lives with the family. They also have a sister named Haya. The second family consists of a father, his children including Nayab and his wife, who is Nayab’s stepmother.

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Mannat, Haya and Nayab are childhood friends and the reason Mannat is a part of their family is that she is Haya’s best friend and she got her married to Shayan. On the other hand, Nayab likes Wajih and Haya wants her to marry him too.

However, in a turn of events, Wajih murders Nayab and blames it on his friend. After spending hours into the jail, Wajih bribes the investigating police officer heavily so that he could not speak against him in spite of Nayab’s statement on her deathbed that goes against Wajih.

Mannat refuses to stay silent because her deceased best friend’s body had marks of a physical assault. She decides to legally fight against Wajih and leaves no stones unturned to do so. Wajih and Yawer also try their best to let her down, so much so that Wajih accuses her of having an affair with Haya’s fiance. He also releases a video on social media, claiming Mannat liked him and wanted to be with him.

This angers Haya and she starts hating Mannat. Moreover, when Shayan comes back to the country, he also questions her loyalty to the family. However, when he observes everything keenly, he figures out there is something wrong with the intentions of his brothers.

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So he decides to take Mannat to another house for safety and pledges to fully support his wife throughout the proceedings. On the other hand, Yawer and Wajih hire a top-notch lawyer to fight on their behalf. Not only do they bribe the policemen, but they also victimize Mannat and everyone near her. Wajih makes Nayab’s father leave his house with his family, only to become homeless. However, the friend he blamed takes them to his own house.

Haya also gets to know of reality through Wajih. He tells her that he lied to everyone about Mannat. His friend also exposes him in front of Haya but the damage has already been done. Wajih breaks her emotionally by killing her unborn son intentionally. On top of it, his lawyer proves her to be a psychiatric patient by bribing a doctor and by threatening her mother. They take her to the mental asylum amid tears and helplessness.

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Guilty of lying for the sake of her daughter, Mannat’s mother dies of remorse. Shayan brings Mannat back to home for the funeral promising her for a safe return from the asylum. Upon her return to the asylum, the doctor bribed by Wajih injects sedatives into her hands, which makes her really sick.

Shayan and Nayab’s mother somehow manage to bring her home. One day, Wajih comes with a bouquet but after an intense argument, he pushes Shayan fiercely. Shayan falls and due to excessive blood loss, he leaves Mannat forever.

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Wajih, on the other hand, confesses killing his elder brother in front of Yawer. Police asks Mannat if Wajih killed her husband but she denies. Instead, she tells the police officer that she thinks Wajih has nothing to do with her husband’s death. She goes to Wajih and tells him she will fight this battle the way he has been fighting it. Wajih is remorseful on his brother’s sad demise but the devil inside him makes him believe he is right.

How do you think will the drama unfold now? Will Mannat succeed in this long fight against injustice? Will Wajih be brought to justice? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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