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10 Things a shopaholic can very much relate to

10 Things a shopaholic can very much relate to


If you can’t stop thinking about it..buy it! Shopping according to your need is not a biggie but then the phrase ‘shop till drop’ fits perfectly on people who find utter solace in buying. Your happy place is a changing room and holy temple is the mall. The sales excite you and a huge smirk appears on your face when you find that perfect shoe and trendy hand bag. In short – nothing you buy suffices your need and your craving for stuff is endless.

Here are 10 things that you can ideally relate to if you’re a shopaholic, when your impulsive buying turns into compulsive buying – that’s when the problem occurs and it hits you hard that you might run out of money soon by spending all of it.

1.Mail and notifications from store matter:

Constant text messages of discount, offers and sales become your top priority and you make sure to keep a check on them. Sale? Eeep!

movie shopping confessions of a shopaholic

2.Shopping = therapy:

Break up? Shopping. Failed your exam? Shopping. Feeling down? Shopping. Basically it’s the prefect getaway from all your stress and depression.

excited shopping minions

3.You feel guilty after shopping:

The moment you reach home, you began feeling awful about your purchases and instantly want to return them. It’s a vicious cycle of spending and regret. Sigh*

4. Money is never an issue:

The moment you realize your credit card has reached it’s limit, that’s the time when you want to laugh and cry altogether – but even that doesn’t hinder you from buying all those beautiful clothes and shoes and bags and that green scarf. OMG!

money shopping asks wallet

5. You never have anything to wear:

On Sunday, you bought 4 dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, 7 tops and 3 pairs of shoes, but open your wardrobe next Sunday and you will have nothing to wear. How screwed up is that right? It’s like your wardrobe is a giant black hole where all your clothes disappear and that’s what calls for the need to go shopping next weekend.

shopping fur coat thrift shop fur coat

6.Malls become your home:

Rather than heading out for a hot cup of latte or a nice manicure, you opt on spending your weekend at shopping malls. Even the smell of it creates that rush in you, and that’s when you realize that you’re hooked to shopping and it’s like a drug.

Paramount Movies film 90s shopping broadway

7. You find yourself struggling with lack of money:

Just in the middle of the month you run out of cash and drag the rest of it with the aid of loans.


8.People began to label you as shopaholic

With the look of your massive obsession of expenditure, your friends and family start calling you a shopaholic and you hate it! They believable that it’s kind of a psychological disorder, now that’s absurd..or is it?


9.You began to hide your shopping: 

Now that you’re aware of the fact that your friends and family will mock you for that shopping addiction, you tend to hide all your new stuff – so you don’t get more of that sarcastic taunts on ‘shopping addiction.’


10. Never say never:

The day you say NO to shopping, everything will fall apart and your world will never be the same. Now you could quit shopping, but every time that thought crosses your mind, you think of your mom and remind yourself that mama didn’t raise a quitter.


“Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can’t keep buying the same thing, you have to have a bit of variety. Otherwise you get bored and stop enjoying yourself.”

Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic