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A Flashback To All The Dramas That Have Finished But Aren't Forgotten!

A Flashback To All The Dramas That Have Finished But Aren't Forgotten!

It’s no surprise that ARY Digital is a roaring success and has provided us with the most superior of quality dramas, hits sand hits of shows are just very easily seen. From bulbulaye to Dillagi, ARY Digital never fails to entertain us. with transmissions like Shane-e-Ramazan and Jeeto Pakistan – ARY Digital keeps on getting better every day. Talking about all the great work, we have had some excellent list of drama serials which now have ended but haven’t been forgotten, the list includes the below drama serial.

Pyaare Afzal :

The sad love story kept the audience glued to their screens for as long as the show was on air. This drama is just what you need to watch if you seek a plot that would move you deeply and get you teary.

Mere Apne :

The bitter truth of some areas of our society is perfectly portrayed in this drama, when your own children turn into the cause of your despair – nothing but misery and regret is all that’s left for those children.


The story of  a mother who won’t give up on any chance to torment her sole step son, this show was liked by all and taught us a lesson that it’s vital for us to learn to forgive – just like her step son forgave his step mother for all the unfair she did to him.

Mera Saeen:

If your own husband is nothing but the source of your pain, a women would have nowhere to seek peace of mind.


It’s true that heightened amount doubts and lack of trust can ruin even a the best of a relationship, a bond that was once filled with only happiness and trust can go down the drain because of doubts.

Koi Nahi Apna:

This drama serial was one of the most liked by all as it showed the reality of many marriages that were a product of love. The ups and downs of a relationship was perfectly displayed in this drama serial.


Chup Raho:

This show is a terrific example of proving that women are the pillars of any society, they can make or break any house. If anyone would mistreat them they will only end up in tears and misery.

This recently ended show was about a love story that was beyond any logic or concept, it also shows how life take turns and twists just to lead you to your destiny.


A story about a widow who goes through all kinds of crisis and takes care of her sole child, this drama is a must watch as we learn the how women can also take a stand for themselves when the situation arises.

Mere Harjaai:

This drama displayed how jealousy and hatred can cause a paramount of crises for anyone, and the result of someone who goes trough it can only end up being alone.

Mera Yaar Mila De:

When we love someone we go further than anything possible to get a hold of our one true love, to watch what these lovers went through you have to watch this drama!

Bay Qusoor:
The story of a mother and daughter who have been through all the ups and downs of life but eventually find peace, this serial was a super hit amogonst people and there’s no doubt why.