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Here's Wishing Faysal Qureshi A Very Happy Birthday

Here's Wishing Faysal Qureshi A Very Happy Birthday

Faysal Qureshi, one of the most versatile actors and biggest names in our industry, is celebrating his birthday today. ARY Digital speaks to the fine actor on his special day wishing him a very happy birthday!

Faysal is one of those actors who speak with his eyes, as well as his emotions. A man who refuses to age, his persona is something we cannot help but drool over. As it’s Faysal’s birthday today let’s take a closer look at his life.

Being a birthday person, Faysal said,”Birthdays are always exciting. After all, who does not love being pampered or the center of attention? Birthdays always excite me and always make me feel good. But, as I am getting older, the change is real, it scares me and alters my excitement. After joining ARY Zindagi, my birthdays are always celebrated at ARY, so they are celebrating my birthday this year too. After that, I have plans with my family.”


We have always seen Faysal taking pictures with his family, often seeing Ayat roam around on the set of his show which truly indicates that the Waada star is a family man, “If I am given a chance to celebrate my birthday abroad, I’ll prefer to celebrate it with my family, no matter which country. My happiness lies with my family”.His family is his topmost priority without them, he does not think of celebrating any occasion of joy.

With a lot of successful characters on his name, Faysal told us his favorites,“Aashiq Hussain from Rung Laaga and Abid from Roag are my favorite characters which I loved playing” he continued “My fans will love my upcoming character that I personally enjoyed playing”.

Faysal has played various characters. Getting totally absorbed in those characters he has set the bars high for others. Everybody has loved him in his every avatar and appreciated his character in Rung Laaga, Aap Kay Liye, MeraYaqeen, Roag and so on.

Not just the acting, what has us always surprised the adequate role selection always done by Faysal, “My criteria is very simple, first of all it is the script, my character and dialogues should be very strong, these things can bring the best out of me. After that, it is the production and the most important person is the writer”.

When asked if Faysal will be seen working in other cinemas, he said “It is quite difficult for me to work in Bollywood, I am a patriot and I love my country. For that, I have rejected many offers from Bollywood. Whereas, working in Hollywood is not my cup of tea”.

Having seen him in a lot of dramas, his fans are eager to watch him on the silver screen. Faysal assures that they won’t have to wait too long.“In 2018, I am doing a movie so let’s see if it will release on 2018 or 2019.”

Talking about the new stars in the industry Faysal said:  “No message for new and upcoming actors, they are extremely talented and know everything about their job. They have stepped in this industry with full homework, not like us, who had entered this industry without any background.”

Oh, and instead of receiving a surprise, Faysal has a special surprise for all his fans on his day, the launch of his very own brand! “I am launching my company on 26th of October”.

We wish our dearest Faysal Qureshi the best for all his future endeavors!

Shower your love in the comments section below making his birthday memorable.