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25 Times Faysal Qureshi Proved To Be A Doting Dad

25 Times Faysal Qureshi Proved To Be A Doting Dad

Being a full-time actor and a host can be pretty troublesome when it comes to scheduling your day in such a way that you spend quality time with your family members. Ample actors often end up ignoring their family members that lead to stressful lives. Similarly, few artists think about their family so much so that they start taking their work for granted, which leads to making their lives pretty gloomy.

We usually see families of different thespians and singers suffer because the man or woman of the family is busy pursuing his/her career for the sake of a better future, albeit paying no attention to the present. Meanwhile few exceptional artistes actually know the subtle art of organizing their days in accordance with the amount of work they have and matching it equally with the family time.

Faysal Qureshi is well-celebrated for his impeccable acting skills and wit. The protagonist also hosts a morning show on ARY Zindagi, which means going early to bed and getting up early in the morning. One of the fascinating characteristics of our favorite actor is, in spite of being an excessively busy man, he spends quality time with his family and the amount of love he carries for his daughter, Aayat, is truly phenomenal.

On these 25 instances, our heartthrob has totally proven to be a doting father, besides being an uber dedicated actor.

When he calls him his ‘Sunshine’.


When this cutie visits Salaam Zindagi’s set.



This look of contentment on Aayat’s face is priceless.


On the instance of her birthday back in 2016, he has thanked his spouse, Sana Faysal for giving him such a lifetime gift.


Daughter father duo flies to Dubai for vacations.



When the daddy is out and he misses his soul, he posts this Boomerang.


Unconditional love is definitely an accurate hashtag for this photo. No one can scare little Aayat when daddy is around.


On a lazy Sunday, Aayat apparently is the first one to get up.


Faysal is the literal definition of a gentleman. He sits in peace as she applies colors on his cheeks.


The super cool dad trying to teach Snapchat to his princess.


Video of our sweet little Aayat praying for her flawless skin is probably the best thing you will see today.


Keeping seriousness aside, this daughter-father duo knows how to have fun.


Like father like daughter! Aayat also supports Karachi Kings.


Awww! Absolutely adorable!


All girls need their fathers to look at them like the way Faysal looks at Aayat.


The doting daddy records a timelapse of his daughter having food.


Why would she not want to take a selfie with her father when he’s Faysal Qureshi?


When he takes a day off to spend time with her.


He has also brought Aayat for the premiere of ARY Films’ success, Allahyar and the legend of Markhor.


Absolutely drooling over this photo as well as the caption.


She is actually making him write down the postulates he will have to fulfill on her birthday. Such a cutie!


Faysal and Sana have celebrated Aayat’s birthday of 2017 in a beauteous ceremonial private event.


We have decided to incorporate this photo in the last of this article because we found this the most captivating one. Even Faysal agrees.


May this bond between Faysal and Aayat strengthens with each passing second. May she get everything in her life she has ever dreamed of. More power to you Faysal! Keep astonishing us with your commendable acting and your flawless parenting.

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