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5 Most Deadly Mountains of The World

5 Most Deadly Mountains of The World

Do you know that there are killer mountains that claims death and ofcourse deadly to climb. According to the research in 2016, 641 climbers made the summit to Everest. The death number of the same mountain is 282 from 1921 to 2016 , so Everest counts in deadly mountain range aswell.

1. Annapurna , Central Nepal: The mountain has the highest fatal rate of 41% and about 130 climbers has submitted so far and 53 died at the bottle neck and some were dispersed. the mountain is 26,545 feet of its peak.

Mountains are big aren’t they.

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2. Nanga Parbat, Gilgit : Known as the monstrous of all peaks, and claimed 31 lives before it was conquered by Austrian Herman Buhl in 1953. Nanga Parbat is the tallest mountain peak on the face of the earth and is 26,657 feet high.

That dramatic peak though. Also known as The killer mountain #NangaParbat

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3. Siula Grande , Peruvian Andes: The mountain is completely vertical ascent that has never been completed for climbing. As 2 climbers made it to the summit but fell during the descent back in 1985. The mountain is deadly perpendicular and is not easy to make to the summit, the mountain is 20,814 ft high.

4. K2, Border of Pakistan and China: The peak is known as a cursed one and has an ugly repute for women climbing it. The second highest peak in the world is much craggy and it has been noted that over 18 female climbers who summited were killed. The mountain is 28,251 ft high.

K2 is so BIG. a very special mountain. Just a pyramid. Its just there, Its the king. #K2

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5.Everest, Border Between Nepal and China: A lethal mountain with its fascinating number of tourists porch , the mountain awaits the blood and with its deadly range the climbers are of 9%. The repeated snow avalanches agitate the strategy of its climb. The mountain is at 29,029 ft high.


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