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5 Reasons to watch 'Shadi Mubarak Ho' !

5 Reasons to watch 'Shadi Mubarak Ho' !

Set up with some of the most sought after actors of the industry, ‘Shadi Mubarak Ho’ is on a hype since its beginning.

Being a directorial of  Wajahat Rauf of Kya Life Hai, Karachi sey Lahore fame the drama showcases a rom-com full of life. Having Yasir Hussain, Kubra Khan, Sadia Faisal and Saad Qureshi in the lead roles the drama has alot to offer more than just a love story and here are a few reasons why we are sure to love it:

1- The OST:

Sung by Wajhi Farooki & Swati Sharma the OST is one of a kind. Flowing smoothly with romance, love and emotions in it, the singers have done justice to the song. ‘Maujoodgi main teri’ is one of those OST’s which make us sing it along. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is :

2- Wajahat Rauf’s direction:

Wajahat is one of those directors who makes the characters relatable to your life and this is what he has done with Shaadi Mubarak Ho too. The way he has established the characters in the drama is commendable. Be it Ikhtiyar or Nayl, every character is on point and portrayed well.


3- The star cast :

Character are given the proper screen time, from Bushra Ansari to Asad Siddiqui every character posses perfection. With the steller starcast the drama is written by Yasir Hussain himself and we wonder how could one be so realistic with the humor. We are your fan Yasir!


4- Yasir and Kubra’s chemistry:

There are alot of couples we see on TV very often, but only few are the ones who stay in our mind and heart. Nayel and Zoya’s couple is one of them. With the lovy dovy effect, their characters also have a bit of mischieveness . We really enjoy their fights and they seems so real . Do you enjoy them too ??


5- Saad Qureshi – The new cutie patootie :

Not so long this young lad entered the industry and made waves. Saad Qureshi  has made our heart skip a beat with his smile and the personality he possess. They way he talks, smiles just made us go awww and we are sure of him becoming the heartthrob soon.


How do you like the drama so far let us know in the comments below and keep watching ‘ Shadi Mubarak Ho’ every Thursday at 9:00 PM only on ARY Digital.